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Life as We See It

A Whole New Perspective

live in NOW.

When someone tells us to live the way we want our lives to be in the future, somewhere in between the struggle and stress of making our future life to be the way we fantasize, we forget about our "NOW".

Our this moment, this current moment, is wasted just because we are taught to live in fantasies, working each day to make tomorrow a better place to live, to breathe, and to exist. Why are we not simply told to live in now? Why do we have to fight for the next thing to come, when we can fight for what we have in our hands right now? Why can't we simply appreciate what we have than wasting our energies in what we don't, in the particular moment?

By saying this, I'm not telling you to not work hard for the coming days, I'm just telling you to be grateful for what you have first, and then work, struggle, fight, and even crawl (if you need to) for tomorrows, for your future.

Many people busy themselves in running the race of the future or the past in their minds that they get distracted from the race "they are running," and then the consequences hit them. They fall, fall so bad that getting back up probably drags all the energies they contain or have saved for tomorrow.

So, isn't it better to draw all the forces from past and future and bring them right here, in present, making our "today" a better place to live, to breathe, and to exist?

By making our every "NOW" better, we will ultimately be working on our next moment, next step, next breath, next day, and our FUTURE.

Truth and Dare

Dare to accept.

"Truth or Dare", a game we all are familiar with and will have played too. Right now, at this point I know you might be thinking; "Why is she mentioning about it here?" and "How on earth is this game related to life?"

Well, for just a few seconds, wonder about life, isn't it just like that game? Except for instead of an "or" there is an "and".

Life is a game of "Truth and Dare", no matter what, we have to do both without any choice. Living is not as difficult as we portray it to be, it's as simple as we dream for it to be.

Unfortunately, most of us live life like there's a choice between truth and dare, and most of the time we go with one while neglecting the other and I guess play a vital role ourselves of making our lives tough. 'Truth' here means the realities of life, the realities we all are scared of and most importantly the realities of our own selves. And 'Dare' here means having enough power to accept those realities.

The first step is to know the realities and to recognize their existence because it's really essential for us to know the truth about ourselves and the place surrounding us, which is most commonly known as "The cruel world" by all of us. Don't you think we always forget about the fact that "We are the world" and "We make it what it is." So, the first truth in all of the lists of lives should be, "If this world is cruel then somehow there's something in me which is contributing too", it can either be the bigger factors or the smallest ones.

And then comes the second step, which is being daring enough to accept all the truths of our lives. What I think is that this step is the hardest one, because most of the time we go with the truth and leave the dare. It is that we know the realities but deny them. Accepting your abilities is the easiest thing, but on the other hand, accepting your faults is the toughest thing of all. That's why, in my opinion, there is no other word better than "Dare" to suit the struggles of accepting the existence of the realities.

At the end, it is both very important to know the realities of our lives and to accept that they exist within ourselves and the world around us. Going with only one of them will lead you to nowhere but to be a player of this game who misses some essential rules and still wonders; "Why am I not winning?"

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Life as We See It
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