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Lessons to Take into 2018

Find Your Fire

Photo by Christopher Campbell on Unsplash

This is just a short reflection of everything I learned in 2017 that I plan to take along to help me in 2018 and I hope you’ll find something helpful in this too. 2017 wasn’t the best year for a lot of us by the look of social media but maybe with some of these lessons and the new ones we will learn 2018 will be our year.

1. Positivity = Perspective

You can turn anything into a positive experience by turning it into a lesson or looking at it in a different way. Today I went for a walk and it was cold because I live in Canada and it’s January. I was thinking of that meme that goes something like “why do I live somewhere where the air hurts my face” it made me laugh. I then turned around and the wind wasn’t so bad anymore and I could feel the sun's warmth on my cheeks and around my shoulders like a hug. All of my negative thoughts turned to positive ones.

2. A Body In Motion Tends To Stay In Motion

This year I did really well at exercising regularly for the first time. I found what helped was not letting myself make excuses, everyday I set aside an hour for my workout no matter what. I had a lapse in the summer where I got sick and sometimes your body really does need a break to recharge. Find the joy in working out enjoy the difficulty knowing that you are strong mentally and physically for it.

3. Stress Less

If it’s not going to matter in 5 years, don’t spend more than 5 minutes on it. If something is really upsetting you but there is nothing you can do about it put it away in a drawer and move on. Try your best not to procrastinate, work hard, plan, and prioritize; these things will help to minimize stress in the future. Remember that you are not alone everyone has stress there probably will never be a day where you have no stress so try to find the beauty in it. Find the ways you’ve overcome it before, because otherwise you are just wishing your life away.

4. Let Toxic People Go

It doesn’t sound hard but it is. Start by telling them how they have made you feel and a lot of them will walk away for you. If not you have to walk away and that can be scary and you might be afraid of being alone. I realized that being alone made me happier than being with someone who makes me miserable.

5. You Are Enough

If there is something that you want in life more than anything and it’s not going to hurt anyone, go for it. Even if you’ve been knocked down, someone has told you that you aren’t good enough, or you have no idea how you are going to get there, start with baby steps. Life is too short to wonder what if, not follow your dreams, and do something that you hate. You only get one life, don’t waste it.

6. Take Risks

Do things that scare you a little bit. These are the moments this year that I felt truly present and alive. Don’t pass up an opportunity to do something great because you are scared; be courageous!

7. It Gets Better

A lot can change in a year. I’m in a completely different place now then I was a year ago and thank God for that. Although I’m not where I want to be, I’m enjoying the process and though I hate change I’m accepting it. So if you are in a dark place now just know it will get better just keep trying to do the things that make you happy and give it time. 

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Lessons to Take into 2018
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