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Lessons Learnt in Life

Excerpts from my journal ‘Diary of A Crazy Brunette’

1. When one door of opportunity closes in your life another one opens.

Trust me, this happens always because that is how mother nature works. We are provided with 'opportunities' whose success or failure depends on the level of our efforts and sometimes circumstances too. However, if one cannot find the right opportunity and has the ability to create it, they should work for it with all means.

2. All rejections are just guiding posts—be it relationships or jobs.

Don’t take anything personally, and trust the power which governs universe. It always works out in the end just like Steve Jobs said, "The dots connect backwards."

Well yes, they do and one day you will understand the Divine reasoning for letting things happen the way they did. We all end up, eventually, where we are meant to be, with whom we are meant to be, and for all the right reasons there are to be. However, if you still can’t find peace probably your story hasn’t ended yet and there are more chapters to come.

3. Celebrate life and rejoice in each moment.

Walk in faith and know that we are all walking each other home. Never compare your journey to someone else’s. We’ve all been gifted our own personalized battles to be fought by the Divine power, just so that we are taught the lessons we need to pace smoothly in our lives and move forward. Celebrate each other, acknowledge each other’s pain as well as success. If you find people in your social circle succeeding in life or hitting a jackpot in their love lives be happy for them and wish them luck with a pure heart. Don’t overlook or get envious. As much as we are all intertwined in our Divine experience called life we are equally separated too. Our joys do not have to come at the expense of somebody else’s failures. We can all succeed and be happy, there is always a win-win chance in life.

4. Inner peace, faith, confidence, trust, spiritual enlightenment, love, sincerity, integrity, kindness, forgiveness and respect for all creations is what outweighs everything else in this world.


5. It is equally important to have a 'purpose' or 'vision' in life because life is a balancing act.

Just like Buddha taught his followers to balance all the extremes. Moderation is the key to living a peaceful and meaningful life.

6. Cherish the ones who love you and love them back.

Tomorrow is promised to noone and nothing is more sincere or loyal than 'death' itself. The fact that all life must, and it surely, will end is what makes life even more precious.

7. Be Thankful.

Gratitude unlocks many doors. Respect the elderly, pamper the younger ones and befriend the rest. Showing a little amount of compassion may help someone find hope or joy in life on a deeper level.

8. Never look down on anyone.

Life HAS a funny way of turning things topsy-turvy and you might find yourself on the downside soon.

9. Words and actions have equal power.

We should use them wisely. Our words can tear people down or rebuild them. Never think that your non-verbal cues get unnoticed. Your body language gives out the secrets behind your passive-aggressive, mean and sarcastic comments towards someone. Remember—every single action has an impact. For example if you watch delicious food videos regularly, you would end up either wanting to eat something yummy or cooking it. Similarly happy songs, pleasant weather, good fragrances and moods of others also have an impact on us. Thus creating the ripple effect. 

10. Karma is real.

When we end up hurting others intentionally or unintentionally in our lives, we should try to make amends because KARMA misses out on nobody. Our Karma might get delayed but it never gets denied.

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Lessons Learnt in Life
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