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King's Table


📷 credit via Instagram: @brianwhite__

"Am I nothing because I have nothing? Or am I everything with nothing needed." This is a Truth that came to me while being in the current predicament I found myself in: homeless. The word itself carries many stigmas. It is a title of disability. Signal of helplessness. Careless perception of being inadequate and ineffective in society and looked down upon while being equally treated as such. An epidemic at it's finest being swept out of sight by bias laws in the name of capital gain and sustained by true law enforcement officers. It is a misfortune plaguing the individuals experiencing it that drains mentally, emotionally, and physically.

I say this all to reinforce the Truth first stated. A Truth that is neither confined nor defined by any condition or quality you find your state of livelihood in. A Truth that exceeds any labeled stigma or placed value upon an individual, because it is only the individual who can place True value upon themselves. If you believe yourself to be without worth, then you will undoubtedly become worthless; just as if you believe yourself to be beyond comprehensive value, then you will undoubtedly become invaluable. The power and influence you have upon yourself heavily outweighs any by external control. What you think will influence how you feel. How you feel will influence what you say. What you say will influence how you act. How you act will influence how you react, which ultimately defines the character and quality of an individual, and it all started with what you think about.

Which is something you can slowly but surely change beginning with a flick of a switch. Become your ideal self by putting into practice who you want to be tomorrow, today. Right now. Manifest yourself and the reality your dream to achieve will follow. "Am I nothing because I have nothing? Or am I everything with nothing needed" can also be translated into,"Am I everything because I have everything? Or am I nothing with everything needed." Never define yourself by what you acquire externally. Whether it be money, material, title, fame, or even love. The Truth we all search for is already within.

Thank you.


I wrote this short speech for a dinner called "King's Table" that a local church hosted and shared with a group of gentlemen, myself included, who temporarily stay at a mission for those experiencing homelessness. Personally, this has been an incredibly humbling part of the journey to self-discovery I have found myself traversing and has giving me an unique perspective that I would have never been able to acquire otherwise. During the time I've spent at the mission, and have filled during the day wandering, I've met a rich assortment of interesting individuals who are homeless as well, many of those who have it considerably worse than myself. After pondering deeply about circumstance we have found ourselves in, a Truth filled my Being that became the premise of this speech: "Am I nothing because I have nothing? Or am I everything with nothing needed."

It is not a new realization in the vast history of humankind, but it is a Truth that has been continuously overlooked and vaguely understood by many, especially those encumbered by the weight of their reality, and the false one imposed upon them as well. I'm aware that I don't know much, but from the little I do know, it is an incredibly important Truth. I hope you can find peace in what has been given to me, and that you can recognize the immense power you hold within the great Being that you Truly are. 

📷 credit via Instagram: @brianwhite__


I write to acknowledge the difficulties we all endure both emotionally and mentally so we can transform our pain through self: reflection, acceptance, and forgiveness. Embody the change we need.  

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King's Table
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