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Keep Your Expectations Low

First Job Turned Into a Life Lesson

I always thought that life was this wonderful thing where you get to reach your limitations but there were also no limitations, that you can achieve anything in this world because it gives you what you want and the world is a fair and honest place. Damn, was I wrong.

Throughout the 19 years I’ve been alive, I’ve experienced a few things. Some that have helped me along the way, pushed me to the places I need to be and truly been a blessing in this world, but with everything positive, there is an equal amount of negative circumstances and experiences. 

What I’m trying to say is that no matter how good a situation may seem, always expect the lowest and worst outcome you can for that. This isn’t promotion for a negative mindset because doing that will only send you into a pit of thinking ‘fuck that.’ What advice I'm giving you here is that not everything ends well and if you expect the worst outcome, you won’t be shocked if that outcome is a reality, but it’s also got a silver lining. Thinking in this mindset will also make the experience more wonderful and blissful if the outcome ends better than you expected. 

Now don’t go taking this advice to everything you do, because I don’t even take this advice with everything, I only do this with things I know will hurt me the most if it ends bad, like a recent event of losing my dream job and realising behind closed doors, it’s all a lie, it wears a mask. A mask that makes it a trustworthy place, a shining, welcoming smile on the outside that’s inviting. Only to realise that under the mask is corruption, lies and cover ups to make you believe it’s a safe place and want to invest in it.

I don’t wanna ruin this whimsical mindset you have of the world because there are some mystical and beautiful things that you really have to see for yourself and through eyes that won’t cling on to the bad but there are most things in this world that wear that same mask, and it could be anything. Someone you love and trust, a place that you’ve longed to go or even something you wouldn’t expect. This world is corrupt and I sound like a crazy person that watches conspiracy theories all day and binges off junk food in my dark pit called my bed, but when something you expected to be a blessing becomes corrupted for you, it really does damage your view on the world and makes you realise things that you refuse to acknowledge before but don’t hang on it. 

Find the beauty behind it, the future happiness you will be given from that experience and don’t beat the horse till it’s old news, move past it and carry on down a new road. Through a new door. That’s what I’ve learned from this experience and I’m finding a new career I can blossom in, starting a life that will bring all new colours and joy in my life. Live whimsical and experience things along the way, good or bad.

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Keep Your Expectations Low
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