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Just an Ordinary Voice to You

I want adults to know what us teens actually mean.

Dear adults who think less of us:

I just wanted to let you know we actually are way more than you think! All of us are different and we all have something to bring to this world. Us teens want to focus on equality of gender and/or race and we have reasonable ideas on how to clean up the last generation's mess. We wish you could help us but sadly you are too focused on "The Important Stuff". Maybe just MAYBE you should focus on us more than building a useless wall. Sooner than later I hope you'll notice that we will make a change for the better and no one will be able to stop us.

In the olden days, a good life meant to be a White male. Everyone else just had to try and live up to them and their standards. But, why was this the case? The response is very simple... THERE WAS NO EQUALITY. Sadly, it has only changed so little. From passing generations, we have become more open to the fact that we are all different. No one is the same and that's what creates a community. As teens, we understand the differences that make us alike, but it is hard to feel equal when the non-believers like you push us down and give us a hard time.

Personally, I have been struggling with some lack of equality in my society that I just don't seem to agree with and it doesn't change. I have tried standing up and all you guys do is push me down. I talk to my parents about it and you know what the say "You just have to follow the rules even if you don't agree." They practically told me that I'm just not allowed to stand up to what I believe and I just need to stay quiet. They all say you're just wasting your time. They won't pay attention to you and they even realize it. Well, I won't stop fighting until this injustice finishes.

We are the generation that is cleaning up the mess that the last has thrown at us. Our generation wants peace. I get it, you may think of us as immature, gross teens but we have already started protesting for what we think is right. Adults like you never thought we could do it, you're shocked that we have come so far. I have news for you, guess what? None of us were surprised because we actually believed in ourselves all along.

Our own teen selves actually have pretty amazing talents. We've found a way into learning from the good that's left. So many hidden talents. So many hidden faces. Waiting for their moment. Discouraging comments that make us mask our talents. Feeling useless, unwanted, and wanting to quit. All we hear is the heavyweight word "depression" blowing sharply through the air. They all wonder why? How could this happen? "I thought she was a happy girl." The adolescents knew all along. They tried telling the supposed grown-ups. Frustrating enough, they were already with their heads in the clouds.

To finish off, us teens are actually way stronger than you think. We don't stab each other's back. We find a unique spark in all of us. We've fallen on to our knees many times, however, we still manage to get up and stand up. As a matter of fact, we take bullets for each other. Sometimes some of us don't make it but what we have is determination. I am not going to let you take advantage of us and I'm sure no one else will. We will make a change whether you like it or not.


Just an Ordinary Voice

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Just an Ordinary Voice to You
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