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Job Lost This New Year?

5 Ways to Stay Positive While You Are Going Through...

It will be OK...

It's a new year…you feel this is your year to be a new you. To do all the things you dream of doing. Well, that’s the way I thought it would go and I still do. You see, my new year started off great until I went back to work. Let’s go back six months. I decided to move to a new state and try something I thought at the time was my dream job…working at a university. I was excited at first, but it went downhill really fast. The job was not what I thought it was supposed to be. The people I work with were not the best people to work with. Lots of backstabbing, gossiping, and doing things that were not even in the job description. I was so disappointed. I left the comfort of my city to move to a place I feel did not like me. It is the job from HELL. But I stayed while looking for others. Twelve interviews and counting. Now let’s go back to the day after New Year day. I am at work and I have my normal meetings I have with my boss. To make a long story short, it did not go well. Now in my younger days, I would be upset, but this time I was very calm about the matter. For me, that shows growth in the area I thought I will never grow in. You see, my goals for this year was not to get a new job (however, that is still on the list), but to improve on my inner character, so when trials happen, I would know how to handle it better. So I want to give you five ways to stay positive while going through trials in life. These tips are helping me through this and I am sure it will help you.

Number 1: Stop Worrying

Worrying will only make the trial last longer than what it is supposed to and it will just cause stress to your mind and body. The saying goes, “worrying doesn't change anything.”

Number 2: Keep Busy

This will help you stop thinking about what you are going through at the time. The whole reason I started writing and using Vocal Creator was I needed to stay busy and I wanted to stop thinking about my situation. I love it and it is working. It is helping me in two ways: one, staying busy and two, improving my writing.

Number 3: Stay Positive

You must stay positive throughout this journey. Displaying any negativity will just get you down and, again, prolong the situation. Negativity attracts negativity, positivity attracts positivity. Throughout all my trials, the ones that last long were the ones I was mad, sad, and angry about my situation. However, when I stayed positive about the situation, using positive self-talk, being around positive people, and using laughter helped me through.

Number 4: Prayer

This goes along with self-talk and knowing you can make it through anything. Once I understood that this trial was not going to last always, because God has seen me through all my tough times, and I came through the trial with something better. I realize I will be fine through this one.

Number 5: Great Support

This is just as important as prayer. You have to choose who is for you and who is going to be negative about the situation. I am making sure I have great people around me. People who loved me gives me an encouraging word when needed and keeps me going.

Trials and obstacles may come and trust me they will, but it's how you deal with them that would help you grow and you will truly see a change in your life. 

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Job Lost This New Year?
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