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Is the World Really As Bad As Everyone Thinks?

Have Hope!

All over the news, media, and internet, all we see is the bad stuff. The crazy, brutal, scary bad stuff. But the question we want to find the answer to is, is what we see is the full story? Is this the real deal? Is the bad stuff, the ONLY thing happening in the world?

The truth is, we are not going to die tomorrow if that is what you are worried about unless some freak accident happens. However, there is so much good going on in the world that can counteract the bad.

The unfortunate side is this, yes, people are really dying daily. Yes, people get shot and killed. People are separated from their families all of the time. There is hate, racism, and negativity always thrown out into the world. Despite all of this, I serve someone even greater and I have hope.

Want good news? Here we go. The abortion rate is the lowest it has been since the 1970s. Emphasis on lowest. Another? We have a lower death rate, less crime and a higher life expectancy than any other time in our history. What? Woah. Aside from a sample in a lab, smallpox is supposedly extinct and that means no one should ever die from it again. Shall I continue?

Before I do, I just want to point out that even little deeds are done by millions of people every day. Hugging strangers when they need comfort, holding a door for someone, letting someone who is homeless, live with them or at least spend the night. Donating to charity, helping people with money. People visit hospitals JUST to bring a little sparkle of hope and happiness to someone's day. Can you even imagine how lonely and hopeless some people feel being in a hospital for long periods of time? Especially for things that might not even have a cure or a positive outcome. People go to hospitals just to hear people talk, bring them gifts and love on them.

More? Knowledge is expanding. We went to the moon, we are exploring Mars, we have so many technological advances, I could not even begin to name them all in this blog. We have "smart robots" yeah, that's a thing. They are programmed kind of like smartphones but are supposed to have realistic emotions. Global poverty reduction has actually been a success, little do many know. Political freedom is making progress, and also, the population is growing, despite what you might have been told. Lastly, there might be a vaccine for early-stage breast cancer in the very near future! There are tests being done on mice. In 87 of the 90 mice tested, the vaccine got rid of the tumor and then went on to eventually eliminate all traces of cancer in their bodies.

Aside from all of this good news, let's talk about the world economically, and in relation to wildlife, plant life, marine life, etc. I have already briefly said this, but the portion of the world's population living in extreme poverty was below 10 percent for the first time. Total global carbon emissions from fossil fuels have not been on the rise in several years; the death penalty has been made illegal in more than half of all of the countries.

What about wildlife? Well, here's something you might love. You know those big giant black and white bears you wish you could just cuddle with? Giant pandas? They have been removed from the endangered species list! Yeah, that's right they are no longer endangered.

Plants are a natural resource. Although you may hear that some plants are endangered or going extinct or being destroyed, plants grow without the intervention of humans. They do not need our help to survive, and many medicines are found from plants.

Lastly, the Great Barrier Reef. I'm sure you have heard of it. Despite all of the news that it is dead, dying, or almost dead, I have found research that states the contrary. Some scientists have stated that after seeing egg sacs in some of the dead coral reefs, they believe that with the runoff and ocean currents, that eggs are traveling to other reefs, some that are dead. And although this is not guaranteed that the eggs will survive or that fertilized eggs will be able to thrive in the already bleached reefs, they have found that some of the eggs are in cooler climates and have a survivable chance. Although this is not promising news, the great barrier reef may just be on its long long road to recovery. We may have to wait and see. But you can conserve water, and help reduce runoff and pollution and help give it a fighting chance.

There is HOPE!

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Is the World Really As Bad As Everyone Thinks?
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