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Insecurities Will Trap You

The Wall that Prevents Us from Moving Forward

I’m too fat.

I'm too skinny.

OMG don't you think my nose is too big!

Look how fat my stomach is.

Oh that girl swears that she is so pretty.

Insecurities, they are a very serious thing. They affect both men and women. They can hinder opportunities and affect relationships.

Think of insecurities as a wall that traps you and prevents you from going forward. It doesn't stop you from making steps backwards, but it hinders your progress.

Insecurities will play on your mind and make something small seem much more than it really is. It can trigger off emotions such as anger and even sadness. It can lead to depression.

Insecurities are the lies that the mind tells you. The mind will convince that they are true and that everyone else around you will see it too.

Once you allow one thought to come into your mind, it will make room for many more thoughts like that to develop until it grows into a massive fungus and takes over your mind.

Insecurities in a Relationship

When one or both parties in a relationship are insecure it can make the relationship very toxic and even dangerous.

It can lead to one person being controlling over the other and constantly wanting to know where the other person is going or who they maybe talking to on the phone.

In some cases men and women get into physical fights because they want to be in full control of the other person. They will even go to some extremes of following the other person when they leave the house.

Yes! Some may cover it up as being just a little jealous but in all honesty jealousy comes from the insecure thoughts that play in the mind.

Telling you that the person isn't loyal and that they are cheating on you.

Insecurities in Social Life

Grudging other people and putting other people down are all birth from your own insecurities. Many people put other people down in life and don't help them just because they don't want that person to surpass them and become better than them.

You see the person as a threat instead of just another person trying to make it in life.

Insecurities will cause people to sabotage another person just so that they can make themselves feel better.

Instead of cheering for the person who has a good idea, they talk bad about them and put their idea down.

Everyone at some point in their lives were faced with insecurities but the trick is to not feed those insecurities. Learn how to face and over come them.

Be able to love yourself and love those around you. Don't be threatened by others.

Ladies when you see another woman and they look good in their outfit tell them that they look good.

Build each other up and support each other. Know that we all have our place in this world. Your purpose cannot be stopped by nobody else but you.

So just because you do hair and Tina down the street does hair too. That doesn't mean you should be jealous and try and sabotage Tina. Your strengths maybe braiding while Tina can do good weave. Don’t worry, there is enough space for the both of you don’t allow your insecurities to stop you from seeing that.

Look in the mirror and deal with what is really bothering you and stop taking it out on the people that surround you.

Those in relationships who become controlling of their spouse need to take the time out and see what it is that is causing them to want to control their spouse's every move. Some people know in their hearts that they don’t treat their spouse's good and they feel that if they were given the opportunity they would cheat on them or leave them. Some people in relationships have unresolved issues that they take out on their spouse.

It's time to stop feeding into our insecurities and start to build each other up.

Tell someone they are beautiful today. You never know who may need to hear that. You yourself may need to hear that.

Look in the mirror today and tell yourself that you're great and that there is nobody else who is like you in this world. You were created with a purpose and no one can take that purpose away. No one can dim your light. No one can out shine you. Don’t allow your insecurities to trap you. 

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Insecurities Will Trap You
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