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© Philomena Famulok (tumblr) 

Once upon a time, in an unknown town in a neighborhood without sidewalks following a long driveway end to a small house with only three bedrooms lives a girl. A girl who has medium brown hair, green eyes, ivory skin with freckles and with the height truly 4'11" but she will always say 5'. There she lives with her two parents and three older siblings. Her brothers and sisters are special ones. How, you may ask? Simple, they are triplets. To most people, this is a shock. People ask her what’s it like? Is it weird? Is it stressful? But these aren’t questions for her. These would be questions to her parents, for this abnormality is normal to her. When you are born into things, it tends to be a lot easier to live with said things. Yet, when she is told tell something unique about herself, that’s all she can come up with. Her uniqueness isn’t her own. She is a completely ordinary person. Or is she? That’s for you to find out.

Who is she? She is an 18-year-old young adult who had it better than her parents did but worse than most peers. Kindergarten to second grade was really difficult for her. She was having a very challenging time learning. It seemed like everything that was complicated for her is straightforward for everyone else. In second grade, she learned she had a learning disability, which was similar to the one her brother had. She remembers being able to think words she couldn’t say or write. She was literally trapped in her own brain. But with the help of an amazing second-grade teacher, special ed teachers, and many summers learning, she was able to better herself. In fourth grade, she started to play the flute, influenced by her teachers in hopes it would help with her reading. By sixth grade, she was able to withdraw from the reading program. She did have some accommodations, but she definitely improved. She was normal. Right? But to be honest, the only person who thought of it was herself. The normal people around her were excelling at school. You know, like going into honors classes and such. Not reading out loud with a stutter and shaking of fear that she would come across a word she didn’t know how to say. She was back to square one. It took her so long to be average, but the average wasn’t normal. So she worked hard again. In high school, she got out of the accommodations. She joined the marching band to prove it was more to her than a stepping stone. Fast forward to senior year, she finally found an amazing group of friends she always wanted. They hang out every day. She had an amazing boyfriend. Or so she thought? She wanted what she thought was perfect so much, she didn't see who the people were truly around her. None of them truly cared about her. She was completely miserable. The worst year of her life, but she didn’t even know until it was too late. So, she decided to change her life. It made the last two months of high school miserable, seeing how horrible the people she was hanging out with were, but it was the first time she could breathe in a while. It was hard to find herself again. She lost her. It took a good while to find her. But she did, and she doesn’t want to let go of her this time. Hopefully, she won’t.

What makes a person ordinary? Common attributes? Or maybe ordinary is in-cohesive/unobtainable? Or is it simply everyone’s definition of the word ordinary is different. Therefore, there is no such thing? Take it from the girl. Every time she tried to reach what she perceived as normal, she found it was horrible. Reaching someone’s normal doesn’t mean you're reaching your own normal. There are many definitions of normal; no one is the same. No one knows what they are doing. They are trying to figure out this life just as you are. We should learn from our peers, but make our own experiences so we can pass down our knowledge.