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How to Truly Find Happiness...

Happiness is the number 1 sought after things in life, yet so many of us lack the ability to figure out how to find it where and it comes from. We've broken our thoughts out into this piece.

Happiness is indeed the most sought after thing in the universe for human beings. No matter what way you throw it, no matter how you paint it, everyone wants to be happy. 

Then why the hell is it so difficult to achieve? Life isn't easy, far from it to be honest. And when you're young and your worries are work, student loans, love, and every other thing a new-at-life person worries about, it's even more confusing. 

There are arguably a million ways to tackle life and achieve happiness, but we have our own mix of how it might be done. 

Before we get into it, take this piece with a grain of salt. This exact remedy might not work for you. On the other hand, it might be an idea solution for someone else. So feel free to pluck out what works for you and mix and match a combination of things that speak to you. 

Cut out the comparison bullshit, really though.

This is the one thing that every single of us does, and it's a fucking death wish for all things soul-healing and inner peace. 

To be honest, though, we freaking get it. I mean think about it; we live in an age of Social Media, an alternate universe world where people only showcase anything good that ever happens to them.

When's the last time you saw someone you know in a similar situation to you post something about completely failing int heir life? Odds are slim. 

But here's something e do that's just 0 percent practical: we compare ourselves to complete strangers on the internet who are ions ahead of us in unrealistic ways.

For instance, I have a friend who constantly compares themselves to Kylie Jenner. Her love for the cosmetics industry and all things high=life make her feel inadequate and insufficient. 



How could it? Kylie Jenner is indeed a #reigning #woman and she 100% has worked for her place at the top of the she-preneur period. 

But there's a massive, obvious, difference between her and my friend. She's a Jenner... my friend is not. 

My friend is a normal human being who was born into normal circumstances. Kylie Jenner has never in her life had to worry about money or paying bills or food or the basic necessities of life. My friend has time or two in her life, as a staggering number of normal people in normal situations do. 

Kylie Jenner's livelihood is in so many ways a product of her family's name. My friend's name is one that not many strangers would know unless they, by some significant coincidence, happen to share the last name as well. 

So how on earth could my friend's income, life, or anything else mirror anything like Kylie Jenner's? 

It could one day, but their journeys will in no way look the same. 

So the next time you scroll through your gram and see the influencers of the world taking over with their Gucci track-suits and G-Wagons, do not compare your journey to theirs

The only thing you can do to mirror a life like theirs is to go out and work for it on your own. The minute you start comparing your life and process to someone else's is the minute you cloud your judgment and stop thinking clearly about your life in front of you. 

All you can do in your life is focus on your life. If you spend your time looking at those around you or those supposedly "killing it" on social media, you're not even remotely focusing on yourself. Instead, you're idolizing human beings who have been precisely what you should be doing or plan on doing. 

Instead of watching them, just do what you need to do! 

So first thing's first? Stop comparing yourself to anyone but yourself. 

Try sh*t...

So here's the thing with this; once you actually decide to get away from the comparison B.S. and actually decide to do, there's a more than likely chance that you'll have no idea what the hell to do first. 

You should really be patient with yourself here, because the reality is that we're not supposed to know exactly what we want to do at all. The world we all come up in just isn't designed for that. 

We go to school, we learn to listen, we learn to respond to triggers like school bells, grades, and words of praise from authoritative figures. But we don't actually go out in the world and try things.

We're so fixated on the next benchmark and watered down accomplishment that we don't actually find the time to try things that might be the key to our happiness. 

The things we do every single day ultimately equate to our existence. It's no surprise, though, that a big percentage of the things we do in the society we live are not things that truly speak to our soul. 

The goal here? Take a month, one month out of your year and dedicate it to one of those little things that you've had some kind of interest in. If it doesn't stick, move onto the next thing in the next month. 

For instance, always dreamed of being a YouTuber? For the month of February, make a promise to yourself to vlog each day and post videos as often as is possible for you. 

Not sure what to talk about? literally just be yourself. Talk about your day, talk about your friends, talk about your dog, talk about cars, talk about chicken, talk about socks. It literally doesn't matter what you're talking about, what matters is that you're trying. 

Do this until you find your soul, until you find parts of yourself that make sense. 

Finding the thing that might make you happy for ht rest of your life isn't freaking easy in a world designed to keep you complacent. But in order to do the thing you want to do every day for the rest of your life, you have to attempt to do it every single day and see if it even gives you that feeling. 

Constantly recognize the now...

This is the most important thing. So many of you need to be able to recognize what's already in front of you. If you're someone who's thinking about breaking the mold of your current life because it's just "not fulfilling," and you're trying you're best to get happy, there's a lot that you should consider before you go any further, as discussed above. 

The truth is, a great deal of us are extremely ungrateful. We don't consider the things we have that are of great value before anything else. 

In order to get where we want to be, to a level of happiness that is seemingly tied to accomplishments, change of job, school, or some kind of ideal lifestyle, we have to first recognize what we have in our lives that is already fulfilling. 

Additionally, we really have to lean into those things and recognize that those things are the true makeup of a good life. 

We tie happiness and fulfillment to materialistic things, we tie them to entities that are not necessarily the things that make for a happy life. 

But here's the deal, if you're reading this you're a human being, and you hit the motherf*ckin' mother load with that alone. 

If you're a human being, you have the ability to even consider happiness. To build big things and ideate on creativity. If you're a bus, a chicken, a computer keyboard, you're not even in the same stratosphere. 

We tend to take the most simple characteristics of our existence for granted, and it's a big fucking mistake. 

Recognize that you're able, you're well, and as a human being you have the ability to feel, to have genuinely empathetic connections. We have the ability to so much more and to do so many things but we choose to waste it. 

Check yourself at the door, check your issues against the reality of the life and realize that your life probably isn't that riddled with as many issues as you think it is. 

Happiness is all about recognition. Recognizing what you have, when you're right and when you're wrong, recognizing the gifts of empathy, friendship, and love, recognizing what's most important, and recognizing your ability to try and do everything and anything you want. 

Happiness is about gratitude, choice, and understanding. 

Happiness is about self-awareness, love, and investment. Happiness truly isn't as hard we make it, we just have to have the courage to try. 

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How to Truly Find Happiness...
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