How to Start Your Inner Journey the Right Way!

The Keys to Start Your Inner Journey Today, Properly and Successfully

Have you ever wondered what is your purpose here on Earth?

"Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom." -Aristotle

Are you a little perplexed as to figuring out exactly what are the most important keys to start your journey? You're reading this because you are like countless others looking for solutions to your unanswered questions that have ran through your mind for quite some time.

For most of us, the voyage of our personal self discovery is a process involving introspection of self that leads to a miraculous inner healing.

Is there an actual difference between an awakening soul and a spiritual awakening? In this article we will delve into the specifics and get you started on your inner journey successfully.

First things first, you must determine exactly where you are on your journey. Some may be at the beginning stages, others may be a little hesitant or unsure of all that it entails. And that's perfectly okay. Everyone has to start somewhere, so it's definitely not a problem.

Essentially you should move at your own pace and never try to rush anything at all. 

The journey you are on is specific to you and needs proper nourishment the same way you water a plant and eventually it blooms into something astonishingly amazing. 

The beauty of clearing your mental clutter is that it allows your intuition to have a stronger voice. 

It will no longer being drowned out by bits of information floating around in your head causing you to worry about everything under the sun.

In doing anything new, it's a process that takes time and must be a priority that becomes habitual and put into conscious practice in order to be implemented in your life. Let's face it, the reality is that things get done by making it habitual.

Imagine having anxiety on your first day of work, this new position can be uncomfortable for you at first. 

As you relax and become more comfortable, you will slowly start to fill up with the magic of possibility into your life. 

When the time permits, your intuition will always be there guiding you to the next step.

However, in the meantime, learning to trust it will allow it to manifest. 

You'll be able to bypass a lot of the mental obstacles that hold you back like overthinking and worrying that can trip you up and slow down the growth process!

As you move forward with a clearer vision of what is possible, it will get easier to navigate. Remember that action cures fear. 

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Embracing Your Journey

The only true journey is the one within! Running away from this will lead you down a road with no destination. 

If you want to find a way out, it is most definitely within you where it will ultimately be found!

The most powerful quote that changed my life for the better upon starting my journey was by Carl Jung and it stated, " Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside dreams, who looks inside, awakes."

In human development when we have sort of a particular distorted meaning of something such as spiritual growth, it can lessen the quality of the results. Meaning that you may not see it for what it truly is if you don't have all the pieces to the puzzle or understand it, so nine times out of ten it is dismissed as irrelevant information.

Our generation has adapted to writing off tons of useful tools that serve a greater purpose for our growth. This process has driven us further into a downward spiral of uncertainty. 

There are many who choose to remain strong holding on to their unchangeable inner core belief that there is more and they are determined to find it by any means necessary.

Deciding whether you are evolving on the right path you must understand exactly what is happening and how to go about it. 

Here's a brief explanation of two important terms that will show up often on your journey.

What it is that you may been feeling or what is most likely to occur upon awakening?

  • Awakening Soul- Defined as an increase in an individual's intuitive awareness – you "just know" certain things because you are in tune with your thoughts/feelings. You begin to trust in your gut instincts and think with your heart more so than your head.
  • Spiritual Awakening- An awakening occurring within that consists of the lost and confused  or naïve self transcending into a higher level of consciousness.

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15 Signs of an Awakening

Here's an overview and explanation of what it is that you may been feeling or what is most likely to occur upon awakening.

  • You are a highly sensitive person and always have been.
  •   A love of all aspects of nature including the ocean, trees, mountains and sun etc.
  • You tend to resort to solitude to revive your energy when you feel depleted
  • A tendency to often take a much needed break from all social media and mainstream media
  • You begin a quest to find truth about life and your life's purpose
  • A general lack of interest in watching the news because of distressing images and suffering
  • Some don't own a t.v or haven't used one in years upon awakening
  • Lying is almost impossible, as you feel bad just from thinking about it and refuse.
  •  You can immediately tell if someone has lied because your intuition can sense when something is a little off.
  • You are extremely observant and you're able to read people like an open book
  • Start to remove people or friends that you no longer feel the need to associate with and realize how much they affect your well being
  • You no longer feel like your habits are befitting and see a new outlook on life
  • You begin to trust in your gut easily and think with your heart moreso than your head
  • You frequently tune into hidden emotions that others may not be expressing outwards
  • You have no interest in participating in gossip, drama or negativity

Many people all over the world are experiencing a shift in consciousness. The whole Universe is experiencing a spiritual revolution and people are waking up. 

These helpful points discussed here will help you recognize whether or not you have an awakened soul and will encourage you to maintain awareness in particular situations that you will carry with you for your betterment so you are able to easily discern through the illusionary world we live amongst. 

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