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How to Start to Think Positive

Stop your pessimism.

Do you tend to see the glass of water half empty? To imagine the worst? Positive thinking is not your thing. Pessimism does not solve problems. What if we tried to take life on the right side?

"It's too hard."

"I will never get there."

"Anyway, I'm bad, it's useless."

If you have already said one of these sentences, it is because you are rather pessimistic. Rather than trying to look on the bright side and try to find solutions to fix them, do you prefer to persuade that you will miss everything? Stop! Losing is the best way to not achieve your goals. Especially since changing your pessimism to optimism does not always take much.

Make a list.

A to-do list, a bucket list, or whatever it is, these lists are very practical. Facing a situation that seems insurmountable? Try to detail it in several elements. List on one side the things that you think you can do, (these are necessary!), and then those that seem impossible, in order of difficulty. Once you have done everything possible, go to the simplest thing on the second list. Each small victory will give you more confidence in you to overcome the next problem.

Ask for help.

Who said you had to do everything alone? Faced with the problematic situation you need to remember the saying: Unity is strength! At work, ask your colleagues or even your supervisor. In everyday life, your friends will always be happy to help you. No matter what the problem. Finally, do not forget the virtual help: Video tutorials, advice forums, and social networks. The hand you need to succeed is sometimes hidden right under your nose.

Take a break.

Take a little distance, take a deep breath, and think of something else for a few minutes. The goal? Come back with a fresh eye to the situation that seemed insurmountable. I bet that, all of a sudden, things will seem much less dark.

Be your own motivational coach.

Rather than saying, "I'm not going to get there," try to say, "I can do it" instead. To maintain good self-esteem, it is sometimes essential to self-compliment. And if inner speech is not enough to boost your self-esteem, write it on a piece of paper or a post-it that you'll keep within sight to cheer you up when needed.

Create an inspiration board.

At home, on a cork board, hang some photos of the people you want to succeed: Your children, your grandfather, the person who shares your life. Add some positive mantras that do well. In addition, ask your family to write small words of encouragement on post-its that you can stick on the board. In the event of a drop in diet, take a quick look, and you will remember what makes you give the best of yourself.

Write down your achievements.

To adopt positive thinking, it is necessary above all to remember that one is able to achieve great things. On a notebook, write "I did it!" then list all the things you thought were impossible and that you finally managed to accomplish. It is good for morale, and it is a great point of comparison for the next time you have doubts about your abilities.

About Author:

Karen Berns is a business coach and writer at an essay writing service with over five years of experience. She specializes in creative writing. Her job is her passion. Her main goal is to help people find balance in their lives. She wants to share her life experiences and inspire people to take a risk and change their life for the better. Her motto: "The more you learn, the more you are human."

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How to Start to Think Positive
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