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How to Manifest

Bringing Your Desires to Life with the Law of Attraction

Step 1: Find out what it is that you want to manifest.

For many, this can be the most difficult part of the process. The Universe cannot bring you your desires if you don’t know the absolute specifics of what you want. If you are having a problem identifying your desire, think about (briefly) the things that you don’t want and write a list with the opposites of those things. Make sure your desire is something that you most definitely want with absolute certainty, or you will waste your time and energy with conflicting emotions.

Step 2: Proclaim your desire to the Universe.

Think about and vocalize your desire, and do so with confidence that you can have what you want. Say and think phrases such as “wouldn’t it be nice if...”, “I feel so happy when...”, and “my ideal situation is...” Always speak as if you already have your desire. Think big, think small, think whatever and however you would like. There is no desire too large for the Universe, as long that you believe that it can be yours.

Step 3: Affirm your desire.

Think and vocalize all of the reasons you deserve to have your desire. If you are smart, funny, successful, hard-working, or anything else relevant to why you deserve your desire, then allow yourself to proclaim those things. Think and speak about all that you already have and love right now, both in yourself and your surroundings. Build your confidence and instill confidence in the Universe about you.

Step 4: Visualize your desire.

Visualization will be a fun and emotionally rewarding utensil to boost your belief and confidence that you can receive your desire. Imagine having your desire—how it looks, feels, smells, and sounds. Most importantly, imagine how it makes you feel. How would you emotionally feel to have received your most desired wish? Feel those emotions now. See yourself having it now.

Step 5: Be grateful.

Make it a point to always find appreciation for what you have before asking the Universe for something more. Say “thank you” to both the Universe and the people in your life as often as possible. Gratitude will go an extremely long way in helping the process of manifesting your desires because people who are grateful often feel happiness. When you feel happiness, you are causing a positive vibration and therefore attracting other positive things to come to you.

Step 6: Receive!

Allow yourself to be open and willing to receive throughout the entire process, and you will be rewarded with your desire. Feel the reality of all the emotions you imagined throughout the process, and remember to stay in a positive vibration by thanking the Universe and those around you once you have received. 


  • It is just as easy to manifest something large as it is to manifest something small.
  • The Universe will always tune in to whatever frequency you are radiating and give you more of the same, so try your best to stay positive.
  • Always be grateful every single day for what you have already received.
  • Believe that the Universe will find a way to bring your desire, even if you aren’t certain how it will happen.
  • Be patient. Manifesting and working with the Universe will take time and practice. Many manifestations will not happen overnight and require time to present themselves. Do not give up!
  • Listen to the Universe! Sometimes you will be granted signs, intuitions, or something that is intended to let you know you’re on the right path. Acknowledge these when they come.
  • Have fun and stay positive!
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How to Manifest
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