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How to Love Yourself

5 Easy Steps to Find Inner Peace

I am a firm believer that one of the most important things in life is self love. You will always be there for yourself and it's not like you can break up. But the sad part about that is that mostly everyone at some point in life will fall out of love with themselves. 

1. Do some soul searching.

I know it sounds dumb and it's such a common cliché for finding your inner self love. However, it does have some solid reasoning behind it. Soul searching can help you discover a whole lot of things about yourself that you might have not previously realized. Maybe it will make you realize why you can't let something go or why you're still hurt over something years ago. When you start your soul searching journey, take a day or a few to yourself. Talk to people as little as you possibly can so it's just you and your thoughts. Try free-writing or just talk to yourself. Have the conversations you're afraid to have with other people. Get to the root of anything that you see needs to be fixed in yourself.

2. Treat yourself.

Little treats to yourself are so fantastic. Whether it's getting yourself a coffee in the morning or treating yourself to flowers when you buy groceries, it's important to show yourself love (also you'll get flowers).

3. Compliment yourself.

I don't know about anyone else, but any time I look in the mirror I compliment myself. It's important to boost your self confidence. Even if you don't believe the compliment you give yourself to begin with, you will start to eventually. You are not always going to get compliments from strangers or your significant others to boost your confidence, you have to do that yourself.

4. Be yourself.

Be yourself. Whether you already know who you are or are still discovering who you are, it is important to be true to yourself and who you are/want to be. If you are still discovering yourself, do things to become who you want to be both in disposition and appearance. Get pierced or a tattoo (after careful consideration, of course) if you think it will help you become more you. Or, if you're not into changes that permanent, a change of style or wardrobe can help you feel more you. 

5. Stop putting up with toxic people.

This is a friendly reminder that you have no obligation to put up with toxic people. Get out of toxic relationships, friendship or otherwise. Surround yourself with those who love and support you. Toxic people can break you down, especially if it is constant toxicity.

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How to Love Yourself
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