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How to Live Life Deeply, Freely, Passionately

No, I didn’t steal this from a Twitter thread.

I don’t think one can start living passionately until they truly see their full potential.

But some days, it hurts so goddamn bad that you can’t even begin to fathom your worth.

Those days you’re focused on the lives of others; you forget completely that you’re living in someone’s body. And trust me, I know the feeling. Some days, all I can do is stalk Instagram and pray for the gratitude shown on other’s faces.

It’s all fake. It’s all glorified.


Acceptance is such a simple term, but I don’t think anybody ever completely accepts themselves. Look at all the flaws the world has given us — crooked teeth, long legs, uneven eyebrows, the way your face wasn’t naturally born beautiful.

Why are these seen as flaws? Some of the best people have crooked smiles; in fact, your role model probably has many flaws that they willingly share. These flaws help us improve as humans, as a community.

Anyways, now I’m starting to sound like a Twitter thread. On to the good stuff—

Acceptance!! Is!! Key!! I can’t stress this enough. I know I just ranted about how nobody truly accepts themselves, but you can’t live without acceptance of some of your flaws.

You ABSOLUTELY do not need to accept all your flaws. Flaws are what keep us human, keep us civilized. If everybody was beautiful, would we treat each other equally? No, because everybody would think they’re better than the next person.

Leading me to my next point... nobody is better than the person in front of you!!

Unless you’re a rude lil’ bitch, then the person in front of you is much better!!

I’ve made some of my BEST friendships by realizing that I’m not perfect, and nobody else thinks they are. When you know you’re just as worthy of success as the next person, you realize that you can strive so much farther in life!

Striving for success may be getting changed into your favorite clothes, going out to a movie, laughing really hard in the middle of the night... anything that makes you forget your past struggles! When you forget all the failure, and focus on the happy moments, you feel so successful.

I know it’s so much easier said than done... and honestly, I haven’t found how to live deeply in love with life. I get so, SO angry with my future sometimes, and it hurts.  

I’ll admit, I don’t know how to live passionately with life yet. I wish, but the answer doesn’t just pop out of thin air. I want SO much for my future, but feel so unmotivated some days. But then I remember:

Did Beyoncé know she was going to be extremely famous?

Did any of our role models KNOW they were going to be where they currently are? 

They’re not sidekicks, they just accepted their flaws and realized that their potential is no less than those around them. 

I won’t be Beyoncé, I won’t be Taylor Swift; I have no clue what the future holds. But I know I have potential. 

Your potential is NOT determined by your struggles; it’s defined by your success. Everybody struggles, but not everybody finds true happiness. 

Strive to live in those moments where you find true happiness: laughing really hard with your friends in the middle of the night, taking late night drives, watching your favorite TV show. They all make you feel successful. 

And in those moments, you feel a glimpse of true, passionate love for life. 

These moments are what we live for. 

This is so cheesy, but I truly don’t know how to live my life free of self-doubt; sometimes it gets overwhelming and I feel like success is so far away.

You are SO worth it. I am worth it, you are worth it. Success leads us to our best free-willed lives. 

Struggle, hardship, success.

It’s up to you to decide which aspect takes lead.

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How to Live Life Deeply, Freely, Passionately
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