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How to Keep Track of Your Own Deadlines, To Do Lists, and Productivity Logs

Time Management for Beginners

Keeping track of your own deadlines happens when you make a deadline list as I’m about to do for myself. To Do Lists constitute a brain dump of everything you need to get done while then breaking it down into smaller lists. To do lists only work if you have a schedule on an Excel file that tells you what you are doing with each two-hour block you give yourself, whether it is two hours or fifteen minutes. I give myself two hours. Time management is really easy and doesn’t involve looking at the clock every ten minutes. Time management is about using the greatest resource anybody has to your advantage. This huge resource is time.

We all get the same 24 hours in a day. It is up to us how we use it. The art of time management is deciding how to use your time. Today I have divided each part of the day into two -our blocks, with one hour at noon for lunch and a time as well where I go pick up my prescriptions. I get to go for a walk to pick up my prescriptions however because walking is good for stress management.

I did have my deadlines on a list two years ago. However, I blew off my deadlines. My own deadlines, yes. I decided I didn’t need to try. This year though I plan on trying to keep deadlines again. One deadline is February 9th, a query I need to write and send. I also have a new venue to send addiction stories to in an anonymous way that will pay me $30. I have a long list of submissions I’ve sent on a spreadsheet. This is why spreadsheets are useful, and an Excel class can go a long way towards helping many learn it.

I need to look at that Excel spreadsheet to see if I have kept up with my own systems. I realize I’m behind on keeping up with my weekend Vocal Media writing. I also have entries for other magazines. This spreadsheet is supposed to last me the year. I’m going to try the experience of a long spreadsheet, since usually, I keep my spreadsheets short. This is my first experience with a long spreadsheet. I’m apparently at submission 77. This quite a lot for me than usual as I’m trying to see if freelance writing really does publish.

My time log tells me where my time goes, in particular, if I decide to go for a walk. Walking is good for stress management and counts as exercise. Time management is essential for any job under the sun. If you know how to manage your time, you understand how to get stuff done. I see I have gone overtime today with my Textbroker article and my Vocal Media piece, this one that I’m working on right now. I’m going to eat lunch and then pick up my prescriptions. Then I’m coming home to do more work.

Motivating myself to write is really easy. I have to write with the intention to publish, such as writing for a website that publishes fantasy stories. Two stories will make me some income. The story has to be 14,000 words, which I’m game to try out. I enjoy the challenge at any rate. I’m also going to finish my environmental science pieces because I’m trying to get my work out there. I’m also applying for writing jobs since I have that B.A. in creative writing from San Francisco State. I figured my articles are informative enough so I don’t need to have a blurb out on this website. Time is a resource, it is valuable for anybody although us disabled people have our time disrespected by the world in general. 

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How to Keep Track of Your Own Deadlines, To Do Lists, and Productivity Logs
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