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How To: Go Back to School at Your Very Best

The older you get, the more you may dread the first day of school. Here's how to be ready and confident for another year of manipulative curriculums and teachers that pressure you to think inside of the box, instead of out.

As someone who attends a highly competitive school with less than 500 students total, I get my fair share of depressive emotions that make me want to dwindle into another world as the beginning of the year inches closer and closer and my summer of doing nothing slips away. 

It's T-10 days before school starts. For some odd reason, I felt oddly empowered enough these last couple days to get myself together and organize how I will back to school shop, read and annotate four long books, clear my skin, and apply for a job. As well as how to be confident enough to stride in through the mentally confining entrance of a young adult's prison, and not be totally crushed.

And uh, I'm ready already.

So here's a game plan I 11/10 recommend:

1. Create the playlist of your life.

Don't listen to music that makes you feel like doing something, listen to music that makes you do something. A good beat and noise-canceling earbuds (or any) will make a difference when you are shopping and you just want to dance in an outfit in the fitting room that makes you feel the absolute cutest because you ARE.

Another good beat, makes you believe that you'll get clear skin. So while listening to another bop you shop for a new cleanser and eat greens, keeping that habit. The next song makes you open up a book because you aren't about to fail your classes. no matter what everything you do now, is to build yourself up for the future and be as bright as the moon instead of a star.

Before you know it, a couple beats later you are dancing because you have a job and it's easier than you think because music does those types of things.

Don't forget: life is your fantasy if you stop dreaming it and start doing it, so check out these following songs and play them along to your life and feel a couple less down moments. As corny as it sounds now without a soundtrack, you know you'll feel different when you have a song suggesting you take down the oppressive hand of the education system on the student mind.

  • "Paper Planes," M.I.A
  • "Bad Girls," M.I.A
  • "Can't Relive the Party," Toussaint Morrison
  • "Amerika," Young The Giant
  • "First Time," Liam Payne & French Montana
  • "Slow," Liam Payne
  • "pete davidson," Ariana Grande
  • "Tidal Wave," Portugal. The Man
  • "Are You What You Want to Be?" Foster the People
  • "Like Gold," Vance Joy
  • "Wait," NoMBe
  • "Happier," Marshmello & Bastille

2. Don't you dare overthink it.

Now's the time to act before you think. If you are doubting starting your summer homework or buying that cute dress that you fear someone will critic you for: do it and buy it. Figure out how to deal with those high-key unnecessary thoughts.

I know, I know, it's harder to say than do. I mean if it were that easy I'm pretty sure I would have a toned flat stomach and ass. However, it is a lot easier than you think. Too often, the things that stop us from spontaneously making improving changes in our lives for ourselves, is the thoughts of others. More specifically, sometimes what we fear others will think.

I want you to remember something: no matter what, if you have become a better, happier, and confident person anyone who tries to bring you down is obviously jealous. There's no other reason to justify negative behavior, and those stares you might get? They've got compliments caught in their throats, fearing what their own friends may think of expressing some 'unnecessary' positivity.

So try and stop caring so much about everything, live a little. Do so by telling yourself all the time. It feels like such a small change, but if North Korea can use propaganda on every tv channel to convince it's citizens that they live in the best country, you can convince yourself statement by statement every hour that you are confident and you are doing great sweetie. 

3. Deal with what you have, don't ask for more and you will learn to love it.

Don't hide your body. I am an incoming junior and I have a very, flat ass. Last year I didn't go anywhere without a blouse that covered my ass. Jeans that made my legs look skinnier, my hair split to the side to make my forehead smaller, and dull colors that would hide me in the halls.

Truth is, yesterday when I wore a shirt that ended at my belly button and light blue jeans, no one looked at me. NOBODY CARES about what you look like. The second they do it's because they want to have your confidence and your look. As difficult as it is for me to continue learning this, not double thinking about what I wear and walking out of the house before having the chance to change has made the biggest difference.

In a couple days, I'm going shopping with some friends and I'm not going to buy a single thing that will hide my body. First of all, I don't care anymore because high school is almost over and I won't remember any of this. Second of all, confidence is sexy and I'm getting there.


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How To: Go Back to School at Your Very Best
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