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How to Find Your Motivation

Ways of Setting Goals and Why They Mean Something

Motivation is defined as the desire to do things other than lay in bed all day. Motivation means you are doing something to better your existence. If you write down your goals, there is no truth that you will attain what you write down. Sometimes, some goals fall through. Sometimes you are not always successful. But motivation propels you to at least try. Not having any motivation can be painful. This is what marijuana can do to some people when used to excess without being used properly in a medicinal way. Written goals spell out what needs to be accomplished. It can be set monthly, for example, to have written goals out for every month.

Visualization of success does not always help. In fact, it does make one lazy to try to work towards things. Pagans know this while others do not fully understand that tools like "The Secret" may not always work. To be realistic means to assess what you can or can’t get done in one day. If you are too optimistic, this can mess with your head when problems you have to get around show up. Motivating yourself to get stuff done is easier without the waft of marijuana smoke floating around.

Motivation comes from sincere desire to accomplish something. Money is the biggest motivator many people have. If goals are unrealistic, some people resort to desperation to achieve that goal. It is important to find a realistic company that doesn’t push too much and that has work-life balance. Various sorts of incentives help properly motivate people. The fact is, while this planet has a financial system, money remains the sole motivator to get out of bed. There are ways of doing things without needing money in the way, but as a society, we haven’t figured this out yet.

Setting goals for success helps you structure your day, your week, your month. Motivation means you are doing something to better your life. Motivation can move you to better yourself by reading for knowledge. Motivation means you want to go to work. Depression can, sadly, suck you dry of motivation. This is why medication works for many people. Motivation can be made consistent. Motivation can get you a job, a way to get to a volunteer position, and can inspire you to help people. Motivation is a complex set of factors that happen inside your head.

Writers have motivation as part of the job description. Without feeling motivated to write, no projects would ever get done. Written goals help sharpen your sense of motivation to be able to get stuff done. Goals are meant to be energizing, not stifling. We are propelled to find ways of meeting our goals when we have them settled. A goal has to be specific in order for it to be written down and attainable. Unattainable goals sap us dry. If a goal is too easy, it is not worth the success it takes to try to reach it. Goals are important enough for us to care about them since we need to feel attached to the outcome of our innermost desires. Motivation is intrinsic. It comes from within, not without. Nobody else can motivate anybody else to quit smoking for example, or to eat healthier. Goals are goals. They need to be set. Without goals, life gets boring. Boredom can easily set in when there is nothing to work towards. This is why having goals are important to us entrepreneurs, writers, and other freelancers. Goals matter very much. They help us attain things. When there is nothing left to attain, life becomes boring. 

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How to Find Your Motivation
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