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How to Be Good Enough

A Collection of Tips I've Learned

Brush your teeth.

Get a good night’s sleep.

Take your makeup off at night.

Say “thank you” at every opportunity.

Smile lots.

Have at least one healthy meal a day.

Look both ways before crossing the street.

Be kind to everyone you meet.

Understand that sometimes, these people will not be kind back.

Don’t let this discourage you.

Run when you’re mad.

Understand that this will not solve everything but it is a better option than other coping mechanisms.

Eat enough after your run, you need more calories to replace the ones you lost.

Keep in mind that everyone is fighting their own everyday battles.

Understand that this does not justify them hurting you.

Realize that you deserve to be happy as well.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day; don’t skip it.

Understand that even though people may be telling you otherwise, you are beautiful.

Understand that skinny doesn't not equal beauty.

Take care of your body.

Understand that your body will carry your soul until the day you die.

Don’t throw that away or damage it because of a boy that doesn’t care.

Go out with your friends.

Dress up and do your makeup.

Look in the mirror and tell yourself that you are beautiful.

Understand that even if you don’t believe it yet, you will someday.

Block that boy’s number.

Understand that even though it hurts to, you deserve someone that sees more than your body.

Listen to people when they tell you they love you.

Understand that sometimes they don’t mean it.

If there is an “I’d love you more if you…” attached, drop them.

If they are asking for a picture of your body to “prove” your love for them, run.

Love fully.

Understand that there are some people in this world that do not deserve your love.

Don’t give it to them.

Understand that sometimes it’ll feel like your love will heal them and that they will eventually match the vision you have of them in your head.

This vision will always and forever be simply a vision.

This doesn’t mean you are unworthy.

You are worth more than the boy that lies to get in between your legs.

You are worth more than the boy that only says he loves you late at night.

You are worth more than the boys that only wanted one thing and then left as soon as he got it.

Don’t listen to the people that only have negative things to say to or about you.

Understand that they are simply uncomfortable in their own skin and must project that onto to you to be able to cope with it.

This says nothing about you.

Do something every day that scares you.

Understand that this doesn’t mean put yourself in danger.

You deserve to be here.

People want you here.

Stop striving for perfection.

Understand that this is an impossible goal.

Happiness does not only exist when perfection is present.

Your happiness is attainable, no matter how impossible that seems.

Friends will come and go.

Understand that this will hurt and it will hurt a lot.

This hurt will end.

You will be okay without them.

Embrace change.

Understand that it can be scary and painful.

The most important changes usually are.

Dress for the weather.

Understand that not everyone will be happy about this.

Wear your shorts and tank tops anyway.

It’s not worth putting your health at risk just to make others happy.

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Understand that you are trying your best and that in itself is amazing and should be celebrated.

Throw away the goal of being “good enough”

Understand you’re already there.

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How to Be Good Enough
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