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How Bullet Journaling Helped Me

My New Sense of Accomplishment

A few weeks ago, I started bullet journaling. I first stumbled across the idea in one of my Facebook groups. It really intrigued me, but I didn't have the inclination to start journaling. After a rough patch, I decided to give it a try. I looked at various pictures of examples of bullet journals online and I decided to try a modified version. A true bullet journal can be very detailed and I didn't think I could commit to that on a daily basis. I saw some pictures of really cool ones with stencils and lots of colors. People also wrote goals for each month and inspirational quotes for each day. I also saw ones that looked like a day planner with special events written down. 

I first started by writing down a list of weekly chores I wanted to accomplish. They sell special bullet journals. I use a regular one for now. I also added a short list of things I want to accomplish on a daily basis and a list of self-care tools. For example, exercising daily, taking vitamins, and getting enough rest. I also purchased some fine line colored pens that I started using recently. Each night, I sit down with my journal for about ten minutes. I check off any of the weekly chores I did that day and make sure that I accomplished my daily goals and self-care goals. Then, I use a colored pen to write the following day's date on the next page. I use a different colored pen to write down a short list of things I want to accomplish the following day. I write down any places that I need to go to that day, too. The key is to make sure the list is short. One day, I wrote too many items and I felt overwhelmed and frustrated that I didn't accomplish everything on my list that day. I also use a third colored pen to write a section titled "gratitude." I list three things each day that I am grateful for. It can be as simple as hot coffee. Lastly, I use a different colored pen to write a final heading titled "mood." Each day, I jot a few words down expressing my mood for that day. I find that taking a few minutes each night to update my journal entry for that day and plan for the following day really helps me. 

I definitely feel more accomplished and motivated to achieve my goals since I started bullet journaling. I even feel a bit competitive to make sure the items on my to-do list are done each day. I also feel more grateful since I started writing what I am grateful for each day. It made me realize that I don't take small things for granted anymore. By tracking my mood daily, I noticed some patterns, which have been helpful. I read online that a lot of people that suffer from depression and other mental illnesses use bullet journals to help motivate themselves. They also find that tracking their mood is useful. 

I highly recommend bullet journaling for anyone. It is such a useful tool. There is a ton of information online about it. An individual can do a true bullet journal or a modified version like I am doing. Even if you never wrote in a journal ever, you will be able to do a bullet journal. Regardless if you start a true bullet journal or a modified one like me, you will notice a difference in your life.

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How Bullet Journaling Helped Me
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