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Hey, Is Anyone Listening?

Lost in a Modern World

I recently moved to London after living in Ireland for five years and travelling to 45 countries during the same time, something that I would love to write about some day. Although I will always love Ireland with all my heart, being a guy from South America, used to massive and quite chaotic cities, I was missing all the buzz from a big metropole and due to nothing seemed to be flowing anymore on the other side of the Irish sea, I thought this would be the best opportunity for me to make the big move. Well, here I AM! Living the dream in one of my favourite spots in the whole world. Well, am I really?

Everyday I love to walk in central London. It is one of the greatest places to be. You can always surprise yourself with how many different people from all backgrounds can share the same space, seat next to each other on the tube, on a sofa in a busy cafe or even lay on the grass during a nice summer day. They all seem to have a purpose though. I am still looking for mine.

They leave their homes early in the morning, get the tube, all distracted by their smartphones, myself being one of them, and head to make money, survive somehow in this expensive city, work for hours, mostly seating on a chair. Then they grab a sandwich and work more. After that they might go to the gym, meet a mate for a pint, run in Southbank and then back to their homes to go to bed, counting down the days for the next holidays. Some people say that is a way of living, others would call it surviving.

We seem to be slaved by that system. We all agree it is not the best, all want to change, just a few can though. It is really hard to open our eyes and see what is really going on behind all that. Loneliness, depression, forgotten dreams that were so vivid when we were all young and used to believe in magic and that everything was possible. There is so little gratitude in the world. Very little really! Lots of selfishness around. Could we go further and say that we might even be slaves of the matrix? Not talking about robots fighting each other on the other side as Hollywood shows but just the fact we are in a system mostly unaware of its presence. I believe we shouldn't work most of our lives. We are here to enjoy the experience of living. We are here to be happy! If you are not, you have to change that!

Can't we all see how blessed we are for being here and how this precious gift shouldn't be taken for granted? You might be thinking it is easy to say, hard to put in practice. I know! I just started to think all that a couple of years ago in my first trip to Asia. I am still trying to get all that and almost everyday I feel that I don't succeed and end up worrying about money, work and material possessions. 

It is really hard to meet people when you are new in a city like London. Especially if you are gay like me. Dates apps were disastrous. People just want to meet up and never see you again... It is all about no strings attached nowadays. People seem to be afraid of commitment, afraid of feelings. You meet someone, you get on well, you find a connection but instead of giving it a goal you just freak out, ask so many questions, and run away.

How can you also judge if the person is right or wrong for you considering just a picture. It might be the coolest guy/girl ever but you won't have the opportunity to meet him/her up because you didn't like how he/she looked in a picture?

I wish we were living in the past sometimes when the only option of meeting someone was in real life. Maybe I am just being bitter considering all my past experiences. Some people were lucky with them. I heard stories from friends or friends. I truly believe there are exceptions in the middle of all those faces but the question is: how will you know if you are judging just because of how he looks in a picture?

It is much easier to have sex nowadays, so people take everything else for granted regarding meeting someone. They constantly forget there is a real person behind that profile you blocked the other night. I have done that a few times as well.

And I am here raving about dating apps (especially the gay ones as they are were my experience is) just as an example of how slaves of a system we are becoming. I just want to meet normal people. I want to change my perspective of our society same way I feel when I go to Asia, which have countries that are far from being perfect, with enormous problems but, somehow, much more developed in the aspect of being grateful to be able to share experiences with another human.

I think I need help to do that. It can't be done just by one person. It can't be done just by myself. HEY, IS ANYONE LISTENING?

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Leonardo Lacerda
Leonardo Lacerda

An actor originally from Brazil but after a summer in New York with friends from the acting school in 2011 I decided it was time to explore the world and discover more about myself. I am currently based in London after five years in Ireland

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Hey, Is Anyone Listening?
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