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Hello, World

Welcome to my way to see the world.

Things always happens for a reason. They is no greatness without hard work. There is no winning without effort. There is no change without sacrifice. And as long as life passes by most people discover that. Some younger, others older, some even go through life without really understanding what this idea of pushing yourself to a goal means. 

In my case, even with a couple of challenges, I just understood what fighting for something means about two years ago. My name is Rodrigo Gomes, 18-years-old, a Marketing student at Miami Dade College, but two years ago I was another Rodrigo. I was an intelligent but kind of lazy student in Brazil, without much of an actual goal or any real perspective of the future. 

All the things that changed in my life directed me to Miami. I’m not here to talk about my personal life, so I would just say that it was something that really worth turning my life upside down to reach that goal of moving to Miami. I don’t know if any of you ever really lived that change of mindset or even analyzed it, but this first real objective in my life made me a completely different person and I’m really proud of that. It is like a click in your mind that simply turns you into a different person. Most of us have little achievements and projects in our lives. The most difficult ones, the ones that make us see what it is to fight, to search, to live towards that goal are the ones that separate the achievers from the average. The average usually make excuses, take the responsibility out of themselves. The achievers see the difficulty and creates motivation, they see a great winning story to tell after the battle, they love the responsibility. 

Today I’m an achiever. And an achiever is addicted to bet itself everyday. Always forward. Resuming the story of moving to the US, it was literally one year of hard work, of research, all on my own (and with my family and girlfriend's support). People usually listen to that and many times think that it was not a big deal. But it was. The lack of information, the amount of wrong information, the rudeness of some people—all that makes it really hard for an immigrant to study in the US. But I did, and as I said, achievement is an addiction, and now I wanna beat myself every single day. 

Now, studying at MDC, I work to not only survive but to be remembered. All that was just my first step. It was my ticket to success. My goal is to be great. My goal is to help. To change people's lives. To change the world, one achievement at a time. So if you are seeing life just pass in front of eyes start to do something. Improve yourself. Be the change. Be an achiever. Beat the procrastination. Beat yourself every day and be unstoppable, and we all want to be unstoppable. The key to achieve it is inside you. It's up to you if you are going to keep hiding the key or if you will take the responsibility and open the door.