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What really makes us happy?

As I've gotten older, I've really come to realise that happiness comes from a lot of different things. For me, when I was younger, happiness would come from maybe toys or playing, then through pre-teen and adolescent years, it came from friends, trying new things and new experiences; but as I'm now approaching my twenties and at the end of my teen years, I've come to realise that sometimes the smallest of things are what make me the happiest. 

Now these things all still give me happiness. My friends and family all still make me exceptionally happy, and I'm still discovering new things and will be for my lifetime. But my happiness now comes from small things that I can take memories away from. I get joy from spending time with people and the things we do in that time. I get joy when I have a movie night with my friends and we just sit, chill and eat junk food while watching films and screaming when a hot guy comes on. I get joy from beach days, just catching some rays and vibing with my pals and having a couple drinks. Spending time with my family, whether it be in person or on the phone, I enjoy talking to them and finding out what they get up to. People's company makes me more happy now than anything else. 

We grow up in a world of technology and my generation is the one of social media. It's all we use to communicate and I feel like we've kind of lost the appeal of speaking face to face and enjoying our time together. And we only realise how precious that time together is when a tragedy happens and we see how unpredictable and short life is. As horrid as that may be, it's true. The relationships we develop from childhood onwards are important. The relationships we find as we grow up are important. All are vital as they bring us some sort of enjoyment. Our friendships may last a lifetime or not, but in the period of time we have them, we get enjoyment and happiness from them. We find love and laughter in people we sometimes never thought we would. We find lust in people we never thought we would. We find the best of friends in people we could've never imagined meeting, but all these relationships happen for a reason, and we appreciate them so much that sometimes we take them for granted. 

I guess my point is that we develop such meaningful relationships that we shouldn't take advantage of that and we should really show these people love and appreciation for all they do for us. Even if it's just by saying, "I love you" to remind them. People love hearing that and it's warming to have that affection shown. So if you do even one thing today, love the people around you and make sure they know you appreciate them. It might make someone's day. It might give someone that reminder that there is someone out there that loves them and cares for them. It might just be a nice pick up for someone having a bad day. Words mean a lot and they can have a massive effect on those around you so choose yours wisely. Help someone be a little happier. Be the reason one of your pals goes, "Oh man that's so sweet. I love you too". Give them a good start to a day and something to feel good about. I can guarantee you that it'll make you feel good and make them feel ten times better. You'll start a chain of positivity and inflict happiness onto so many people. That's a magical thing to do.

Annica x

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