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Got to Stay Focused

New Year, New Me

I will be the first to say that I have started a lot of projects and haven’t finished them. I have also procrastinated to the point where I convinced myself that what I started in the first place wasn’t as important as I previously assumed. After a while, it starts to become a habit and you find yourself getting involved with things or committing to something and not following through, which effects your relationship with people, damages your integrity, and you lose trust in yourself.

When this year began, or really how every year starts off, people put in their New Year resolutions and promised how this year is going to be the big one. What I’m guilty of is slacking off the two months prior to the New Year as if it was a national let it all hangout period. I’ve come to realize that for me to progress, and for others to do the same, we have to change that mindset. We have to continue to have focus from beginning to end. Why do we state how the New Year is the new me? Why do we promise others this year I’m going to change or start over? Why hasn’t it occurred to anyone that we need to build on what we experienced and started prior to now? Wouldn’t it be smart to build on what you say and promised last year? Keeping that focus and developing your discipline will eliminate that cliche line of "New Year, New Me."

What is discipline?

Discipline: (noun)
1. The practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behavior, using punishment to correct disobedience.

In this context, discipline would apply to training yourself on the self of rules, the goals, and morals you set for your life and agenda. I look at discipline as commitment’s younger sibling. When there is something I committed to then my discipline follows and holds me accountable. Just like when you are doing things around your siblings or you have habits, they will call you out on them whether it’s good or bad. Those distractions or temptations become easier if you have those to elements to protect and guide you through your journey. Notice that I used the word journey; by realizing that most are a lifelong progression, or that nothing happens overnight, will ease your worry and relax you so you don’t try to rush and burn out.

Set boundaries for yourself and align them with your goals. What is going to be beneficial and help me get to where I want to be? What I do is write things down. Writing helps me bring my thoughts alive and gives it a story, gives me a tangible plan, and allows the positive presences and energy to manifest itself. Internally I ask what it that I exactly want is. Is what I want also what I need? And what are obtainable steps that will propel me? Don’t be like me and have your mind running in 30 different directions and forget what and why you started in the first place or forgetting your original objective.

My Weakness

Boy, am I stubborn. Sometimes I may get so locked in or for sure that the only way to do something is what I came up with so I spend a lot of time in a dead end and missing out on my opportunities. There is more than one way to skin a cat. Letting my pride get in the way of your goal can be very damaging. You can’t lose sight of the actual goal. Don’t focus on how it’s going to happen, just make it happen. If you’re playing in the Super Bowl game, it’s the last play of the game, and your down by five and need a touchdown, you don’t care if the ball is pitched 20 times, you have to throw a Hail Mary, you run it in, or someone fumbles it, kicks it into the end zone and your teammate falls on it, it’s a touchdown all the same. You start celebrating because your team won and you achieved the goal by scoring that last touchdown. Same thing with staying focused on your goals. You do want to plan and have a strategy just like the team called a play in the huddle, but opportunities, people, resources, and information come from all directions at any time. You have to keep your eyes peeled and not be stubborn to the point where you waste time.

Here is a good video by Eric Thomas about staying focused and having a purpose. Hope you guys get something of this write up!

Please share and tips are appreciated as well.

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Got to Stay Focused
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