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Getting Started and Getting It Done

It’s easier than you think!

So you have an idea that you want to bring to life? What’s stopping you from making it happen? Procrastination taking over? Too busy planning for it? Taking your time coming up with “what if scenarios?" Scared it won’t happen the way you want it to? All that is nonsense! I’m here to give you a step by step guide to getting started and bringing your idea to life. I’m living proof that these steps work because this very article that you’re reading is starting my writing career!

Step 1: Start

It’s literally that simple. Start from exactly where you are right now! Wherever your are with your organizing process is you’re starting point.

Now a lot of you are going to say if this is the case then you’ve already started. Which is true. The moment you begin to think of an idea the process of bringing it to life has started.

Ex: I wanted to be a writer. So I started writing.

Step 2: Sketch it out!

You may be thinking “What does drawing have to do with anything?" but when I say sketch it out I don’t mean literally draw it out (unless you’re is an actual painting or if it helps sketch away). Sketch it out means to write out what you see in your mind when you think of your idea being brought to life. What does it require? What does the end result look like?

Ex: When I see my writing career at its peak I see my words reaching the masses! I know in order for that to happen I have to write on a platform that the masses have access to ( 

Step 3: Get to Getting!

Now that you see what you need. Get it ! You need a mic for your podcast? GET IT. You need a resume for your application? GET IT DONE! You need clothes to work out in? GO GET THEM. Honestly, you’d be surprised at the items and resources you already have that can be of use to you. Look around and see what you have before you go looking for new things. I know the things we need in life don’t just poof out of thin air BUT when you really want/need something you find a way to get it!

Ex: I know I needed a device that would allow me to write online & a vocal account to fulfill my vision, so I found and used my phone to write this article!

Step 4: Follow Through

Once you start don’t allow yourself to stop! Negative thoughts & procrastination will come! Roadblocks will come, but that just means you have to come harder! This is something you want right? MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Ex: I created a vocal account and started writing! 

Step 5: Congratulate Yourself

(optional, but highly recommended)

After you’ve done steps 1-4 take a step back and look and what you’ve accomplished! Regardless of the outcome you had an idea and you brought it to life. Who cares if no one watched that video or listened to that song? Who cares if you didn’t loose as much weight as you set out to? Who cares if you didn’t get the job? You tried ! You pushed yourself. You pushed through! The only failure is not trying. Congratulate yourself on a job well done. If you did it once you can do it again and I guarantee next time you can do it better!

Case & Point: If you read this article you proved that my four step process works ! I used steps 1-4 and got it done ! Now regardless of who sees this I’m going to finish it off with step five because I took my idea and made it a reality for myself. 

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Getting Started and Getting It Done
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