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Fun Motivational Gifts for Coworkers

Choosing the right gifts for the people you work with can be tough, but it's a lot easier with fun motivational gifts for coworkers to keep productivity and morale high.

It can be difficult to choose the right gift for the people you work with: You want to get something that they can use, but with just enough of a personal touch to make it something they'll be sure to appreciate and enjoy. That said, you also want to avoid any "funny" gifts that could go over badly, gifts that give a message you don't mean to give, or the best tech gifts for coworkers that might break the bank. In the end, buying for coworkers can be far more stressful than buying for friends or family. To ease some of that difficulty, look into some fun, motivational gifts for coworkers so they can continue being the best they can be.

Shattered Glass Ceiling Paperweight by UncommonGoods

Give your coworker a gift that every woman will appreciate—a shattered glass ceiling paperweight. A paperweight is the ideal office gift, being always both useful and easy to put a personal or artistic spin on. This shattered glass ceiling paperweight is therefore both useful and clever. This present will remind the women in your workplace of their own empowerment, and will symbolize the power of women to break through institutional sexism and workplace obstacles, to rise to the top, and succeed through their own skill, intelligence, and work ethic. These paperweights also serve as motivational gifts to push your coworkers to do their best and seek their own succeed.

Be...Inspirational Paperweight by Tamara Hensick

Another great paperweight option is this Be...[Inspirational] changeable, customizable product. This is one of the best motivational gifts for coworkers, as it comes with a range of options to provide food for thought for your coworker and anyone who visits their workspace. Possible display examples include "Be...thankful," "Be...bold," and "Be...playful." Your coworker can choose a word that speaks to their mood or motivational needs, or cycle through a different word each day to offer new food for thought every time anyone sees it. It has a dual function as both a paperweight and a talking piece, a motivational gift that will spark thought and conversation for everyone.

Amazing Woman Paperweight by Tamara Hensick

This is a great office gift for an amazing woman in the workplace. Like the "Be...inspirational" paperweight, the ...[Amazing] Woman paperweight offers a whole bunch of options for self-affirming and inspirational messages. If you're short on gift ideas, it's hard to go wrong with this positive message delivery system that your coworker can easily personalize and customize. She'll have the option of a wide range of uplifting, self-affirming phrases to remind herself every day both what she is and what she can aspire to become: kind, fearless, powerful, intelligent, strong, and amazing.

Inspirational Pencil Set by UncommonGoods

Paperweights aren't the only motivational coworker gifts out there. Everyone in a workplace can use pencils, but of course you can't just give your coworkers office supplies (well, you probably shouldn't, at least). Instead, you can get them the inspirational gift of novelty pencils with inspirational quotes on them. These pencils remind their user to work hard and keep their head up as they use them. Plus, having a matching set of inspirational pencils at one's desk is simply aesthetically pleasing to all. Some of the quotes include "hustle hard," "good vibes only," and "do your best."

Inspirational Pen Set by Sweet Water Decor

Not everyone is a pencil person—many people prefer pens (and rightly so... but I'm not biased). This set of pens makes for great motivational gifts for coworkers, as everyone can use a good set of pens. These just so happen to have the additional benefit of looking chic and offering inspiring messages all day long. It's a great, simple gift for anyone in the workplace, whether a close friend, your boss, or just the worker across the office. The messages inscribed on the pens are "You Got This," "Let's Do This," and "Do Great Things."

Cat Travel Mug by EnvyArt

This mug is the perfect motivational gift for coworkers with cats. Cat owners will know why this kind of message makes for great office gifts—we all want to do right by our babies, whether they be of the human variety or the fur variety. For the cat fanatic in your workplace, this mug will give them a good chuckle, and remind them to work hard for their lifestyle—or the lifestyle of their cat—as they sip their coffee or tea all day. It's a great gift for daily use, with a personal and fun spin specifically for any cat lovers you work with.

I Think I Can Art Print by Jill McDonald

I think I can, I think I can...I knew I could. This art print will spice up any workspace in a fun and colorful way with a fun and inspirational message. The daily grind can easily get you down, but a little artwork on the wall can go a long way in inspiring your coworker to power through and get things done. Plus, it's a cute and fun nostalgia trip for anyone who grew up with The Little Engine That Could's inspirational message for kids—a message that can motivate young and old alike.

First I Drink the Coffee Mug by The Motivated Type

Some people just aren't themselves until they've had their coffee, and mugs are one of the best gifts for your coworkers. First, you need to caffeinate, then you can take on the world. For that kind of person in the workplace, this mug or art print will hit home in a funny and relatable way. The mug is an obvious choice for a coffee lover, as it doubles as a coffee delivery system. True coffee connoisseurs probably have a pretty good stock of mugs, so the art print is always a great second option. Or, give them as a pair to really cover your bases in terms of motivational gifts for coworkers.

Coffee Notebook by TypeLover

Another great option for coffee-themed office gifts is this coffee notebook from TypeLover on Society6. This notebook is not only reflective of a coffee lovers' relationship with caffeinated beverages, but also a succinct motivational message to get your coworker working hard and rising above the daily grind. These motivational gifts are useful in any office for general note-taking, with 52 high-quality pages for whatever notes and thoughts your coworker may need to jot down as they get their work done and rise to the top.

Uninspirational 2019 Calendar by Elan Gale

For the cynic of the workplace, this 2019 calendar is the perfect anti-motivational gift. Motivational posters, pens, pencils, notebooks, mugs, etc. can get old in a workplace, and for the more cynical coworker, this calendar of decidedly un-inspirational (unspirational) quotes is just the comedic relief they need to get through their day in a different way. Of course, these quotes aren't totally bummers—they're clever, they're sassy, and they're funny; not just saccharine or played out like many motivational gifts for coworkers can be. Examples include "It's never too late to go back to bed," and "If there's one thing we can all agree on, it's that we can't seem to agree on anything." All too true, especially on a Monday morning; and on Monday morning, we could all use ideas to make your boring job fun again.

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