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Four Ways to Get What You Want Using Social Media

Manifest Your Desires, Right Now, Using Social Media

How to Attract What You Want Using Social Media

It is very important to understand that what you put out into the universe, you will receive back into your life. If you put out positive vibrations, by the rules of the Law of Attraction, you will receive positive vibrations in return. This rule works vice-versa; send out negative vibes, you will receive them right back into your life. Here are four ways you can manifest beauty, prosperity, confidence, positivity, and anything else you desire by using social media.

1. Like and Comment Positive Vibes

You know the Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter profiles that used to make you envious, jealous, and hateful because you, deep down, wish you could have that person's lifestyle, image, and way of life? Instead of writing a negative comment or do what I used to do which was not write anything at all but just stare and hate on the profile, you should do this: write a positive comment, focusing on what you desire from the photo, status, or tweet. If the person posted an image of a nice sports car, and you want that sports car, comment something positive about the sports car. However, you must, within your vibe, be positive and content when you send the message out. If you are feeling envious and hateful when you send out the message, the Universe will feel that vibe, and it will return that vibe to you. What I used to do, for example is scroll through Instagram and hate the profiles that featured beautiful, successful, and happy women. I used to envy their lifestyles, their images, and their following. However, it only brought an abundance of negativity into my life. It is easier to hate on someone who has what you want than to use it to bring about what you desire into your life. After I analyzed what these women have that I believed I could not have, I would fester in negative vibes, becoming depressed and feeling worthless. I did not know, with focus and intent, I can have everything I want. You see, I was drinking poison expecting others to feel it. It was not a healthy way of living and it also blocked my energy from receiving what I so truly desire. Now, instead, I feel grateful that I have the ability to view these beautiful women's profiles and can have a mental example of what I want to use during my manifestation workshop. So, instead of hating, I now make sure I write a comment pointing out whatever it is that I like about their image. I'd write "Love the hair, and the outfit! So beautiful!" And guess what? After I leave the comment, I feel great about myself! Which is my main focus: to feel great and evolved within myself and be the best me there ever was. Each morning and night, when I check my social media profiles, I write at least four comments on different pictures that reflect the lifestyle that I want.

2. Don't Take It Personal

 This tool is difficult to use because most of our social media profiles are used as an outlet to release our personal ideas. However, it is important when you are manifesting your desires, you must allow others to be who they desire to be. If what they want to be doesn't vibe with your energy, as long as you allow them to continue to be themselves, do not judge, and continue to focus on attracting vibes that go well with your energy, the Universe will obey your command and will make it so that you no longer have to deal with such a person. You attract what you want and you get back what you put out. Now, this being said, when someone leaves a comment that doesn't make you feel good, excited, motivated, and is just negative, let it be! Do not take it personal! Just know, that person is on their own wavelength, and guess what? You can be grateful knowing that because you are in control of your own life, you make your own desires come true, you are the creator in your own reality, this negative person does not and will not have a role in your life movie! They are a blip in the grand scheme of things. To continue the cycle of always attracting the positive things you desire—wealth, happiness, love, beauty—you must still, even through the negativity, wish blessings to the person who exuded the negative vibes. By doing this, you are releasing blessings and love back into your life!

3. Use Social Media For Manifestation Shopping Spree

The most fun part about manifesting your desires, is that when you are relaxed and in your Manifestation Workshop, you are mentally imagining yourself with the objects, emotions, and experiences that you deeply desire. So, use social media as a mall for all of your visuals to use during your manifestation workshop. For example, if you desire money and prosperity, follow Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts that exude and exemplify money and prosperity. Like the pictures, repost the tweets, share the Facebook post. Take a mental screenshot, (or a real one), to think of when you are focusing (manifesting) your desire for money and prosperity. When you look at these posts, imagine that you are the one posting it. How do you feel when you post about your prosperity and financial wealth? Remember these emotions because you will use them when you are focusing (manifesting) your desires into your life. Manifestation is nothing without emotions. Your thoughts become powerful tools and commands to the Universe when you back them up with deep and true emotions. So go ahead, go shopping!

4. Social Media is Not Powerful, YOU ARE

This is very important, my dear readers, to understand. Social media itself is powerless, it is you, the user, the soul, the energy, who are the powerful ones. If you see an account with millions of followers, its not the account or the content that make it powerful, it is the energy of the handler who makes it powerful. You are a huge bundle of delicious and strong energy. You manifested and willed yourself into this world. You must believe that you are the creator, the artist, and your life is the show, the canvas. What you want, what you truly desire, is yours already. You just need to focus on attracting it and putting the spotlight onto it so that the Universe knows that is what you truly want. It will obey your command. You are a powerful energy, the Universe, at its very essence is the energy source. Just command it to make way and give you what you desire. Once you have total grasp of this concept and way of life, you can and will use social media as a tool, you will be powerful over it, you will use it to bring into your life that which you deeply desire. It will no longer have a power over you, you will control it.

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Four Ways to Get What You Want Using Social Media
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