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For the Unmotivated

Rewriting the Idea of Success

You are the key to your success & happiness.

Yeah, you. This story is for you.

If you're like a normal teen or young adult of this generation, then this is something You need to read. More than likely, you've been lost in your life, or you feel like you have no clue how to make a life for yourself. That's normal. That's what plenty of people our age feel like.

This story is here to change that view & thought process. Your life is long, but it also slides by quickly under your radar. Those days sitting in class or at your job hoping time would go faster, and then suddenly you're sitting here now thinking time is going too fast. If you want to be satisfied with your life and every single day, then you need to spend more time of your day progressing your own thoughts.

Changing the way you view daily events, conversations, reactions, interactions & outcomes is exactly how you change your mental health and emotions about how well you're actually doing in life. I'm 20-years-old and I just got started with that process about four months ago. It's a daily process and will take time for you to build healthy habits in what you choose to do every single day. I love my current job as a Parts Sales Manager, but I know ultimately it's not a career I'm built for. I love the interactions of customers. I love changing an angry & frustrated attitude into a satisfied outcome just by using the experience, tactics, and strategies I've learned over my four years of work.

I'm a kid who knows that he wants to work for himself. I'm currently in the process of building my daily mental happiness, but also in the same process of building a brand of myself for future work. Social media is the BEST possible outcome for our generation for building such a brand. It's "Free Real Estate." At the same time that it's helpful for a business or brand, it's also vital to building your health as a person. Unfortunately in this day and age, social media, texting, and surfing the web are the majority of interactions that young adults and teens are involved in.

Use it completely to your advantage. If you're like me, someone who isn't the happiest or satisfied with my own life outcomes, then use every possible social media outlet that you enjoy, whether that's for building a brand, or improving your happiness. Follow accounts that radiate positivity, happiness, success, and knowledge. Follow accounts related to things you know can only make you happy. If there are toxic people around you or in your life, they have to be kept out. I have had plenty of those relationships with people in my life that have molded my mindset into what it used to be, which is unhealthy and defeated.

Interact with people you want to get to know. Network with brands or up and comers that are like you. Over-thinking is the key to regret. Reject over Regret is the process you need to believe fully in to accomplish anything in your life. Regret will stick with you until you're gone, but being rejected is a momentary negative that will build your maturity, and performance, and open other doors to success or happiness in your life. I'm talking about ANY type of reject. Whether it's with a girl/boy that you've been crushing on for ages, or a job you know you'll love doing...

Give yourself permission to fail.

If you want to put yourself out on a branch and try to build a successful brand or business, you're young enough to put all your energy and effort into the process. You have nothing to lose but your ego itself, which is the best outcome of failing. Failing teaches one the process of building. If you don't fail, you don't try. If you want to eat better, or build a physically more attractive person, or build a routine to keep yourself on track, then do so because you have the time, and the ability to fail all you want since you're young.

Start with something small. Build your way into a schedule. Wake up early, stretch, exercise, read, network, or search. You're wasting time you will never receive back by scrolling through social media, bingeing through shows, and procrastinating on doing what you want because of fear. Whatever negativity is in your mind at the moment, and throughout the day, is not of your own. It's a toxic voice embedded in your brain over your childhood, through family, classmates, teachers and society. The idea of you thinking you're not good enough is not a natural thought that you chose to think. You believing you aren't able to be what you want or achieve what you dream is somebody else's uninspired voice beating you down through their own fear of failure.

Take your chances and run with them. Shoot your shot with that person, use those extra 8 hours of your day for productivity through learning, building, enhancing, interacting and networking. Be who you want to be, because you deserve the hell out of it. You being born is already an accomplishment. Being the ONE in 400 trillion chances of being alive is exactly why you're good enough to achieve the happiness and satisfaction that you deserve as a human being.

This is our generation to improve upon, and our lifetime to take control of. Take advantage of every single opportunity. Secure the damn bag and never let up on your motivation. If you ever become weary, or unmotivated then...

Think of why you started in the first place. 

Thank you for reading my story.

It's definitely appreciated. If you have any revelations from reading this, I undoubtedly want to hear about it! Message me on Instagram! Tell me your plan, tell me how you want to change your life! I'm always open for feedback, criticism, and comments! Follow and message me on IG: @crazyboiispencer_

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For the Unmotivated
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