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Finding Your Purpose

A World Full of Possibility

Life seems to keep us trapped in the same cycles over and over again. Once we embark down the path of a career plan, we basically decide exactly what direction our life is going in. But what if there was more to life than that? What if we were capable of so much more than we ever thought imaginable? The system of our society takes out the individuality that once existed. It seems that the majority of us get pushed into positions that are impersonal and put in a place of being very replaceable. This can cause us to feel purposeless, and our lives to grow mundane. We as individuals need to break apart and rebuild our view of our own potential and what we are capable of and break the mold of who we are.

Unfortunately, the idea that we have no need to change ourselves is flawed. There is a fine line between remaining true to ourselves and becoming complacent with our poor habits and lifestyles. We should not let other people dictate who we are and how we live, but we should be critical of ourselves and always look for ways to improve in life. We need to strive for greater things than just paying the bills and scraping by. The world provides a bounty of opportunity and vast array of potential. It is our job to discover the hidden treasures and pastimes that life has to offer. It saddens me to think of how few places I have seen in the world. For me, travelling has become a goal and a dream that has influenced me to find passion and determination to work hard so that one day I can live out my desired lifestyle. For some, it might be exploring photography, or painting. For others it could be adopting a child from a third-world country, or starting their own company. The point is, we need to search more what we love in life and stop settling for living a life of mediocrity and complacency.

Another factor to be considered is the way in which we approach our jobs. Who says that you must pick one job and make it your lifelong career? No one has just one passion or calling. We all have a numerous amount of talents and abilities. I think so much purpose can be found in being a doctor, author, artist, parent, missionary and philanthropist, all of which I strive to one day be. Why would I choose one when I can choose them all? My secret is that I push myself to the limit and push the boundaries of what I think I can be or do. People have always told me what I can and cannot be, but I have decided to choose what I am capable of. No one will tell me who to be. I will not allow it anymore. My goal in life is to serve others and to find joy and passion in what I do.

Over time, a less admirable quality of our society has arisen. The pressure to individually succeed and build your own success has become overwhelming. I feel this is one area in which we took a wrong turn. The goodwill and happiness of others should be just as much of a priority as our own. The ability to take care of and serve others is one that is quickly diminishing in today’s world and is one that needs to be rekindled. If we would all look out for each other then we would all have someone watching our back, and no one would be left alone or without help. The gift of treating others as important and loved is imperative in this day and age and gives more purpose than you could ever fathom.

I hope these thoughts encourage you through journey in life. Just remember that your purpose and potential is independent of the desires and demands of those around you. The pursuit of multiple callings is a legitimate and worthwhile endeavor and will leave you with more zest and vigor for life than you ever had before.

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Finding Your Purpose
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