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Finding Peace

All we hear about is more shootings, drugs, and other crimes. But what about the good that people are doing?

How do we find inner peace? What does it look like? What do we do to get there? My search for inner peace has been a long journey, and it's still going. My journey of life has been hard, sad, angry, depressed, happy, and exciting. But many experience these feelings and different situations. What experiences have you had that make you feel stressed, anxious, depressed, etc.? How did you deal with them? Did you push people away just because you didn't want to trust someone with helping you? The fear that drives our world is so strong, why do we live in fear of things? We need to be standing up for ourselves, for our families, our loved ones. We need to be strong, empowered, educated. We deserve to make our conditions better for us, and better for everyone around us. We deserve to live the best lives that we possibly can, and that can start with you! We can do something about making our world a better place if we try.  

So, how do we get to inner peace? How do we find a way to be happy regardless of whatever experiences we go through. Finding inner peace is something that is difficult but something that we can all achieve. Achieving inner peace is something we can do by being honest, holding ourselves to a higher standard by showing integrity, having positive relationships with one another, and doing our best to be the best version of ourselves. 

How do we be the best version of ourselves? It starts with honesty, integrity, being trustworthy, and showing to others that we can do good for each other and make this a better world. The world right now is so filled with ignorance and hate and that's all we see on social media and in the news. But people forget that there is so much good in the world that is happening and nobody reports on it. Nobody recognizes and maximizes on it the way that we should be. All we hear about is more shootings, drugs, and other crimes. But what about the good that people are doing? Helping communities after natural disasters, organizations like the American Red Cross, that are fighting for people and what they need everyday? Other organizations like those who fight for LGBTQI+ rights, children's rights, racial issues ending, and so many more! We need to be supporting these people and getting involved in our communities so that we can work toward keeping the peace and improving our livelihoods. 

We can do better as a city, state, country, and even the world. We can do better. We have to want to do better. The saying goes, "Pay it forward." So why aren't we? Why don't we help the people in need if we have the means to? Sometimes all it takes is an hour of your time, sometimes its a family just needs $20 to feed their kiddos. But it's not difficult to help another person in need, and, in turn, you have the satisfaction that you've helped make the world a better place by spreading peace and kindness. We must pass on the kindness, we must do better to improve our situations. Good deeds equal good karma, if you believe in that sort of thing. I do, so I live my life doing good for others, and what goes around comes around so, in turn, if I'm ever in a bad situation, hopefully someone would be kind enough to help me through it. 

Finding inner peace can come in many different forms, but I think it starts with spreading kindness and peace to others and helping those who are in need of it. I know we can do better, we just have to take the first step and try. 

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Finding Peace
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