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Finding Happiness Again!

Get outside & find your Mental health!

So many who are depressed or even chronically ill, tend to lose themselves... how do we regain a sense of self!

We often find ourselves trapped within our own minds, yet in a place so unfamiliar!

How do we escape this mindset?

How do we regain purpose?

Where do we find the motivation to continue?

Well... that lies deep inside our minds! The only way to find it, is to get back to our original state of child-like bliss we once had before the work, bills, and the responsibilities that take up so much of our time! Before the illness or pain (whether mental or physical) that has kept us so far gone!

Remember... we were once children running wild, playing in the dirt, scraping our knees, and swinging from branches. Now we are constantly handed expectations in place of experiences. Forgetting to take the time to feed our inner child!

Find the kid in you and go on an Adventure!!

No, I don’t mean drop everything and run away!

However I do mean to let go of that which does not serve you first. To take time and say no to other responsibilities over one’s own mental health. This means to be sure you make time weekly, if not daily, for one’s self, and do so without guilt!

Simple things you can do to give back to yourself: 

  • Sit outside and listen to the birds as you read a self help book.
  • Go for a hike.
  • Take a bike ride.
  • Practice breathing or meditation outside/ alone.

Go where your heart pulls you!

Hop that Fence!!!!!

So often, the answers are already in the back of our minds, and we allow the impossibilities of others to impact our decisions!!

It’s when, and only when, we start following our gut, and questioning our own selves that we will finally grow in a direction of sustenance and sustainability!

So many who have never been in our shoes will tell us how or where to walk. Yet the words they say are often already known, or worse yet, demoralizing!

We must find the strength within ourselves. We must find our inner child, and want for joy and push through the darkness. 

For me, the best way to do this was to get out in nature, and feel the ground. To hear the rustling of the leaves, and the whistling of the birds. To breathe and focus solely on the timing of my breathing, and when there was nothingness... the answers fell flat in my lap!

So get outside and find yourself again!

Sometimes it’s great to adventure alone & others are best with those near and dear. There is Definitely a time and place for both!

Tips for starting your day

  • While in bed hit some basic stretches
    • Shoulder stretch
    • Pike
    • Child’s pose 
    • Etc... just some light stretching
  • Grab a warm lemon ginger and honey water.
  • Or a tea!
  • Get outside and go for a walk!
  • Think about what the seven-year old version of you would want you to do!!!

Do these things daily and I assure you, in no time you will have a better sense of direction, and be on the way to finding your mental health again!!!

Time to find your Balance!

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Finding Happiness Again!
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