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Find Your Place

Your Peaceful Place...

Mt. Rainier

My father, my brother, and I all traveled to Washington state one year. The only time I had ever seen it was when iCarly showed the Seattle space needle on TV. It was a place that I had always wanted to see. I got to help my dad pick the destination, so I suggested Seattle. He thought about it for a while and then he did his research, and my brother and I helped pick out different hikes and trails to do in a few different places in Washington.

One of those places was the Tatoosh Wilderness Trail. The air was fresh and crisp. It felt cool but not cold. Any water running down any streams or falls out there was very clear. Everything was mostly unpolluted. The freshness of the air filled my lungs with every breath. I saw lakes off in the distance as we all hiked on up. Everything was absolutely beautiful.

This was by far the most beautiful place I have ever seen. There was a large variety of plants. There were colored mushrooms, pine trees, grasses, flowers, and so much more. There were even a few different types of animal tracks. As I hiked I started feeling different. Not in a bad way though. I felt good. Unbelievably content with everything in my life. It was so peaceful and beautiful that it made me feel at peace, but since it was also an unfamiliar place, it felt like an adventure. A peaceful adventure. It made me feel happy.

This may sound like some sort of weird exaggeration, but the point is, try to find that place or that thing that makes you feel happy or peaceful. It might just come in handy later on in some of life’s struggles that come your way.

In the actual city of Seattle, there was a bunch of cute little shops and beautiful art galleries. For an artist like me, that’s a pretty heavenly place. With so much art to look at and so many galleries to choose from, there was no way we could get through it all. The art we did get to check out was all interesting and unique. It made me realize that I want to have a gallery to put my work in as well. That gives me a reason to work hard and set goals for myself. I found a place that can serve as a reminder to keep going and keep up with my goals.

I'm not saying life will be perfect. However, I honestly think that being able to remind yourself of something that you personally think is peaceful and beautiful during rough times can be quite helpful. But it has to be personal. It’s not about what your best friend thinks is a peaceful place, it’s about what places make you feel good. These kinds of places can remind you that there are still good things out there and give you a reason to keep going. They can keep you motivated to accomplish all the things you want to accomplish. So, find your place just as I found mine. Work hard to get there. If you haven't found that place, then adventure hard. Search for that place where you feel so content that every problem in your life fades for a moment. When you find it you’ll know and you’ll love it. Keep that in mind.

Side note: if you’re planning on visiting Washington: Packwood is a good area, one of my favorite places we went. The city of Seattle is also great. There is so much to do in both of these places.

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Find Your Place
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