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Fight the “Good” Fight

The Cracked Shield

Every day I wake up to the news, every day it's the same: violence, killing, crime, hate.   Currently there is a race for government offices, so we get to see commercials about corruption, lying, and people whose only concern is themselves. We take this in and try to decide who is the lesser of many evils.  We watch the news and think why do they show all these horrible events.  But this is what we have all accepted, like it or not.  If it's not violent, if it's not a crime, it's not news.  I am guilty like many others of seeing "fluff stories" and saying, really is that news?   We are bored with the good.  Nobody wants to hear about someone paying for someone else's cup of coffee. Nobody believes in a commercial about a politician who does things for others just because.  We all hate and our saddened by these mass killings, but what can we do about that it?  Whatever side you are on, on gun laws, I doubt anyone is on the side of children being killed.  What I am writing is not about gun laws, I am not debating which party is better. What I am writing about is being "good."  We can't change everything in the world, but we can try to make things better.   For the record I do not believe anyone needs a weapon that’s only use is to kill multiple people quickly.  I mean, bombs aren’t legal.  Why is that? Because, there is only one reason to have them; mass killing.  

We all have battles that we fight, some big some small but they are important to us. Doing something good will help us with these battles, and help others along the way.   Yes it's corny, I agree.  I mean really if I do something nice, crime will stop.  That's laughable.  If I help an elderly lady cross the street today, she will probably think I'm robbing her.  But I'm going to try,  I'm going to fight for good.  Not only will I help someone, I will feel good about myself.   These small victories in life make us feel good about ourselves.  They fight our demons, kind acts makes others feel good and will make you feel good inside.  I have done things in my life that I am not proud of.   I can't change them but I can go forward and help others.  I may not make a difference on my own, but if more people were trying to do good, wouldn't it lessen the bad?  Doesn't it make sense?  More good less bad, simple math. Look for good things to do, we can't be superheroes but we can help others when possible.  I don't care how insignificant it might be any good replaces bad.    We need more good! This is the place to post it, talk about it.  I want to know when you do something good, I want to know when your neighbor does something good. Let's be proud of it and spread the word.

I am admittedly a geek when it comes to comics, I especially like Captain America,  I have a tattoo on my leg much like the one above, it's a cracked shield.  I have always had a sense of helping others, but there was a time when I did the wrong things, I hurt people I loved,  and to me my shield became cracked.  I was causing more pain than joy and it affected me in negative ways.  I look at my tattoo and it reminds in order to fix my shield I need to commit "good " acts, to help others whatever way I can.  Nothing I do is flashy, not news worthy, I don't have a lot of money to give, I just try and do the right thing and look out for others.   If I find away to do something nice for someone or stand up for someone who can’t stand up for themselves, I feel good, accomplished like I am repairing my shield. You see in life when things are bad, you can do nothing, or you can do something and try and change it. Well I'm tired of doing nothing!  

S. Rogers
S. Rogers

I’m 52 married. 3 wonderful kids, they have  moved out, a beautiful wife that I love.  I have had some good times and bad times In my life. At times I battle depression. Writing is away to clear my head and escape the bad thoughts.   

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Fight the “Good” Fight
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