Familial Love vs. Money

'Work Hard, Play Hard...' Do you actually play hard? What exactly is 'playing hard?'

This work hard, play hard society has made us become more anxious and depressed than we need to be. Fuck this new societal norm.

Financial problems shouldn’t be the first in our priorities. Maybe one of the first, but definitely not the first. Sleep and true love are extremely important for our well-being, and our society is just run in an appealing way to our egos and pride now.

People that are all willing and take the steps to walk along spiritual guidelines with good fellowship have a lesser chance of living the world as led by our egos, and a much better chance of living a truthfully joyous and happy sober (vs. dry) life, instead of seeking worldly pleasures one after the other.

Making compromises to our health/sleep will only leave us completely shattered down to a powdery substance. We need to get our sleep right first, because that will maximize our life quality. It is never expected of us to push ourselves beyond the limits of which we have been created with and for. The rest of the things we need that we lack are found in true love and fellowship among our fellows in society. This is how we were made as social creatures, and this is how we are to live.

We need to get rid of this work hard, play hard mentality that may be getting our names somewhere in the world, but nowhere in the afterlife, nor meaningful relationships.

Family first.

Laying down our egos, putting love and time with the family first, and just trodding along this journey of life without rushing it are the best things we can do to keep ourselves alive longer. (Prescription) drugs should only be used as, and until, recommended by the doctor (NOT THE GOVERNMENT) in consultation with the improvement/worsening of our symptoms, instead of being used to compromise our health to fit the wants/needs of our egos in society to provide financially for our family, but not emotionally.

Love is important.

Love within the family and then out into the society is what truly makes us strong individuals; not pushing ourselves past our God-given abilities, on self-sufficiency, to fit the demands of our society run by the our egos.

Financial problems can be worked out later, but emotional needs within the family will be almost impossible later if that love is not given in the critical period.

Please, for the sake of our and our family/kids’ well-beings, let's make the choices we need to make for a better life.

We can effect change!

If the kids suffer, then that’s their shit, but most likely because of our negligence due to putting finances before familial love. But if we can lessen the burdens of our descendants by making a societal change, by speaking out like this instead of wallowing in self-pity, and then taking the actions to effect the changes needed, at least personally, then I am pretty sure that that is what we are called to do right now.

Let’s take action when we're given the strength to speak out! We’re all in this together, as we are all one big family carrying the same blood of our ancestors. Let’s try our best to take one step at a time to effect change for the greater good of our future/descendants.

**This post is a cleaned up, secular version of a personal Facebook post that was inspired by this clip on Sweden.**

Filia Lee
Filia Lee

Alcoholic. Medical MJ patient for too, extremely severe symptoms. I do not condone the use of MJ otherwise. Plans: Graduate with my BA in PSY, postbacc, med school for addictionology, EFT certification, open dual recovery center.

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