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False Reality

Press Rewind

What is it I see?

You know when you imagine yourself with someone or something? That's a false reality. When you doze off thinking of the opportunities you might get? False reality. When you go through something and try to press rewind — in life! False reality!

I get it, move on!

Okay okay, now that you understand me, isn't it great?? False reality gives you every opportunity to prevent and create. False reality defies logic but gives you total excitement and belief in something, Anything! Remember when you dozed off in class thinking of how your celebrity crush should totally walk through the door? Wasn't it amazing to imagine that happening? Did you or did you not keep looking at the door with excitement whenever someone walked in? Does anyone notice how people always announce how they wish they had a twin and then you get to thinking on what you would do with your twin, and how they would look?

I get it, move on!

Now! Have you ever been in a situation when you totally messed up and tried to press the rewind button on life? Same. Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted something to happen again and again? Same. Doesn't it suck not being able to rewind life? In your false reality — which everyone has — rewind like it's your job! Imagine this! You're married to your celebrity crush, you make them mad and divorce you — oops let's try this again — you meet your celebrity crush and give them flowers so they decide to take you on a date — that was a little far back — you and your celebrity crush just got married, and you found out what?! You see what I'm saying? Its endless, and it gives you so much to do! I might seem crazy, but once you get that one good story, check again and see who's crazy — the people not taking advantage of their false reality!

What is your false reality?

My false reality is something nobody can take away. I use it when I'm asleep, when I'm bored, when I'm depressed, and when I'm overjoyed. It's just like a dream, in which you have control over! When you're stressed, just imagine something. When you're tired but can't sleep, imagine something else. Never give up on your imagination! A wise sponge once said, "it's your ima-gin-ation!" False reality is indeed the one thing nobody can ever take away from you. It's the one thing that makes sure you're never bored and alone. I always wonder why people sit by themselves and don't want any company. It's because people interrupt your "parallel universe."

Giving up on your false reality?

There are times when your brain doesn't want to cooperate with your imagination. Yes I think of imagination and your brain as two different things. Let me explain! Just how your brain thinks logically and your heart feels emotionally, but they can cooperate or find common grounds. So can your brain with your imagination! Your brain is what will keep your imagination semi-realistic. That's why it's called "False Reality!" When your brain and your false reality don't want to compromise, you may not be able to focus on your " second life" but it's only temporary, I promise!

Why would I want a 'false reality'?

False realities are the reason humankind is where it is now! If it weren't for Walt Disney's false reality we wouldn't have half the children shows we have! If it weren't for someone imagining how comfortable it would be if we were able to sleep on a softer "bed place," we wouldn't have mattresses! Do you see what I'm saying? False reality is the reason we as human beings continue to economically advance! Use your false reality! Don't let it go!

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False Reality
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