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Face the Challenge and Love the Game

Face your fears.

This is my opinion.

Face the challenge and love the game.

Whether you are going to school and getting your education or you are taking experience from your job working enough hours to support yourself, there is always drama. There is always that one person who's a teacher, an assistant, or manager that drives you insane to an extent you lose confidence in yourself and your effort in work. However, as people, we must believe that we are better than what anybody thinks. Our work effort shines so brightly that the people who we are in conflict with just don't see. If we are known as these moving creatures trying to put an experience or a knowledge, living with it and aging with it, then there is always something that an individual is good at. For example, a student who has difficulties with math or science may be more creative with languages and arts. It could be vice versa, too; a student may have difficulties with arts and languages, yet succeeds in math or science. Yet what a lot of people don't know is that these subjects can relate to each other because it is about following basic concepts of knowledge. I don't understand how you can scold a person for their talents. 

It is the same issue with workers; some workers prefer hands-on work intensity while others are successful with critical thinking on assignments. The question is, why would a person increase their negative attitude on a person who has their own talents? Emotions can impact and create a result a for a person who is still learning and educating themselves. My main argument is that we shouldn't scare off people just because they are not good at something. We must find better ways to communicate and provide activities so students and workers can find their inner talents. Students and workers can easily face their challenges and become passionate about the subject or work that was difficult for them. Don't be afraid to face these challenges. You have no idea what you are good at. 

During my time in elementary school, to divide and create stereotypes of students was the first agenda in a teacher's mind. I had one elementary teacher who clearly knows her way to break the confidence a student has in themselves. If they were not finishing up the assignment correctly, they would be scolded and their papers would be scribbled and ripped based on the teacher's reaction to the student's answer or writing. I mean, they were only 9 years old trying to figure out how to do the assignment properly when it was not even explained properly. I believe that ripping a young student's paper who is just nearly 10 years old can definitely destroy the planned bright future of an extremely young student. There was one 9-year-old student that I remember who could not understand why the teacher was very aggressive that day. We were finishing up a test and everyone had to hand in their tests at the same time, and this girl didn't hand it in until the very last. The teacher then exploded for 10 minutes at the girl, making her feel so humiliated in front of the class. She told me the story and that she still remembers the moment 13 years later.         

However, I do believe that a student also shouldn't be too disrespectful even though they are being scolded. One thing that should be addressed is that if a student has a problem with a teacher and is being humiliated, they should try their best to talk to a counselor. In fact, they should also address the issue with their parents or friends to understand that mistakes happen, and kids shouldn't feel bad about it for too long. 

In conclusion, personal problems and having too many emotions can always affect one's long-lasting goals and experiences. My advice is to always switch your goals, change, and open your minds to something better. But never let your anger out on someone who wants to learn.

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Sarah Ab
Sarah Ab

Hey everyone, check out for updates and more cool journals that I'll be making soon. I hope to make a positive impact on my pieces of advice and suggestions for you guys. Stay tuned!! Twitter:siarra19933

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Face the Challenge and Love the Game
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