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Fresh Opportunities Create Unbridled Success!

Here we are again at the end of another year. In just under a month and a half, it will be 2019. Every year during the holiday season, we’re encouraged to love our fellow man a bit more, forgive wayward relatives and lastly, re-establish goals.

I’m of the belief that all of this does indeed should be given much consideration during this time. However, more importantly, we need to master how to get it all done more purposefully. One of the things that has plagued me in the last quarter of this year is the word: FOCUS. I know we all need to be committed to something and stick with it in order to achieve anything in the marketplace. On the other hand, I needed an acronym to help me recall at a moments notice what focus meant to me.

The building block of focus for me was birth in my mind in the following way: Fresh Opportunities Create Unbridled Success. I came up with this play on of words during a phone with an acquaintance last year. The end result of a committed lifestyle is to open the door for new opportunities to show others our unique gifts. In doing so, we are not only valued, but we gain a sense of purpose that can only reveal itself when we share a piece of ourselves. Nothing is more rewarding than feeling like you’ve made a difference in the world. It’s in the Maslow hierarchy of needs. It’s built into our very DNA. We need to feel relevant. We need to belong. We are designed to connect as human beings by seeking out a fresh, applicatory opportunity.

The opportunity is simply, to show ourselves that the commitment we’ve made was worth it. It pays off each time a new client, friend or relative gives us a chance to shine at whatever we sought out to do. They confirm our belief that we had a special something that the world needed to see, and they needed to see it come from us. They needed to see it from the vantage point of our viewpoint, our creativity, and our personality. We all have it and it’s a gift, most people just don’t hold on long enough to discover their talent. Everyone needs to be affirmed by having someone gush over. Love and encourage them in whatever they have to offer. Opportunity is not just to make more money to buy more things. Opportunity allows us to shine because we all need to experience the spotlight. Materialism can’t give us that emotional high.

Fresh opportunities offer us the creative caveat we need to grow. Creativity is never stagnant. Creativity, like human beings, is living. It constantly evolves while adding dimension to our experiences; whether they are good or bad. Our talent compels us to reflect on how we can use the genius inside our soul to make our world a better place. The artistry of creativity is that we can always use it for good.

Once our creative brain is engaged, we are immeasurable! Inexhaustible! Unbridled! We are able to achieve our dreams, once we realize we don’t need anyone’s permission to pursue them!! We can be a creative catalyst to invoke change. Positive change is the result of all of the parts of an individual’s focus working in unison. FRESH OPPORTUNITIES CREATE unrestrained passion! It’s that place inside us all, where art, music, fashion, technology and all creativity evolve from. It is what contributes to the advancement of mankind to make our lives much richer. It may sound hokey to some, but these are the things I believe spark an indelible and tangible success. We can be the captain of our own destiny if we simply endeavor to shape our lives by living in a constant state of F.O.C.U.S.

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