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Everyday Things to Be Grateful For

How to Find Gratitude in Your Daily Life

One of the key components of attracting positivity into your life is experiencing gratitude. Often, we fixate on the things that we don’t have rather than celebrating the abundance that surrounds us each and every day, which can throw us into a vicious cycle of feeling and attracting a lack of or less than we would like. Below, I have compiled a list of 10 things that most of us can feel grateful for this very moment.

Your Health

You woke up this morning with a fully functioning body that has been designed specifically to care for you. Appreciate your body and know that it is working every day to protect you at all costs.

Your Family and Friends

It can be very easy to take our loved ones for granted, especially those that we see daily or very often. Remember that the love and friendship of another human being is a very precious gift to receive.

Your Animals

Similar to how we can take our loved ones for granted, it can be easy to overlook the compassion that we receive from our furry friends. Cherish them while you can and remember that although they may only play a small role in our lives, to them we are the world.

Your Job

We often spend a lot of our time criticizing the things we dislike about our employment situation, but just remember that our jobs can be a crucial element to our financial stability, security, and responsible for happiness from the leisurely activities that we are able to afford.

Your Education

There were many times throughout history when humans were not fortunate enough to have access to information through books, school, or technology. There are many areas of the world today where these things are still not easily accessible. The fact that we can now share and learn information whenever we choose is something to be truly celebrated.

Your Home

Many people throughout the world still struggle with homelessness and lack of shelter. Even if you are not currently happy with your living situation, you can always take the steps to change it and give thanks that you have a place to come home to.

Your Food

Your food. Food, water, and other essential resources are unfortunately not granted to all people living on this planet. It is a very wonderful thing if you live in a place where you have adequate access to food and nutrition that can keep you healthy and fed.

Your Bills Being Paid

Even when financial situations get rough, many of us always find a way to have everything taken care of eventually. Always be thankful that you have enough to fulfill your financial obligations, even if there isn’t much left over.

Gas in Your Vehicle

While seemingly insignificant, the gas in your vehicle is essential for making a lot of what needs to be done happen. For those who drive, gas is essential for getting to and from work, going to the grocery store, and making other necessary errands throughout our lives. If you use it and have it, be thankful for it.

The Sun

This one is a little different than the last nine, but remember that the sun is necessary for making all life on this planet possible. The sun is responsible for all abundance and prosperity on Earth, giving energy and providing nutritional opportunities so that plants and animals can flourish. We could not survive without the sun, and that allows it to be something we can be incredibly grateful for.

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Everyday Things to Be Grateful For
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