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Eruruu's Advice #1

Advice for Those in Need

Eruruu: That looks Delicious! ^^^

Before I start this column I would like to tell you a short story about Eruruu. Eruruu is not me...well not entirely at least. Eruruu was a female character on a game I played quite extensively. In her, I found myself driven to help my fellow players and offer fun, silly, and sometimes serious advice while playing with others. I hope that you can hear her and possibly benefit from the little mother in my head. 

Sincerely, The Author

Eruruu on Self-Worth

Self-worth is kind of a tough topic because everyone has a different story of why they are useful, or good, or successful. 

Honey, I'm going to be honest, you are as good as anyone else, no matter if you are rich or poor, young or old, etc. etc. 

The reason I know this is that the words we say and the actions we take can't truly change the person we are inside if we don't want them to, only alter the mask we wear for all the strangers, the ones who walk straight through our lives. That person inside is no different in the end than that billionaire on Wall Street.

The only way you become less than anyone else is to give up that inside person, then push them through a mold because you think it will make you rich, powerful, and famous. All that shows is that you didn't think there was anything worth living for as yourself, and you are willing to trade your oneness for security.

There is ALWAYS something worth living for in the heart of hearts of every person on the face of this good Earth! Whether it's your work or your passion or your desires, as long as you bring some good with it to the world, no matter how insignificant it seems, you are worth it! I myself had some problems with it, but I found solace in my friends and colleagues who respect and care about me for what I, as my true self, bring to the table. 

In the end, the only obstacle for people is the words they turn into chains to stop the changing of time, that makes them uncomfortable and scared, but if you can believe that YOU are worthy of the praise and accolades you are given, even for just a second, the changes aren't as scary. Without fear controlling you, you will be able to see your worth and determine the quality of your character. Like me, it's all in our crazy, wacky totally screwed up heads! All we have to do is take it out and shake the dust out once and a while and it's Bob's-your-uncle! So look up, smile at that pretty person you like, hug a tree! Revel in the sun and the stars in this, the heaven of our own creation!

The most wonderful thing we can be in this life is ourselves, no lies, no masks and no false pretenses. It's my dream that every one of you leads long, happy, fulfilled lives on your personal path down the never-ending road called life so when you reach your destination, the journey there was one of wonder and joy. In the words of the immortal, possibly pickled Jimmy Buffett, it's those changes in attitudes that bring the changes in latitudes. For now, I think I'll go find a nice tree to sit under and a good, sturdy fishing pole and go catch myself a little slice of life where the air is clear and the skies are fair. 

So long for now, see you on the flip side!

Your friend,


Eruruu's note: Don't step in potholes while you're looking up though, mother hates broken ankles.

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Eruruu's Advice #1
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