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More Than Meets the Eye

In my life, I always had a thing for dreaming... I knew there was something bigger out there, waiting in the universe. Sure, dreams exist in big and small things. They live in everything. From our need to touch the sky as astronauts as a kid to our desire to look at Tumblr and Instagram pictures, it can’t help but to strike our imagination. We want the awe, the mystical, the whimsical and the beauty of it all. It exists in pop culture, in the schools, at work, at the mall, at the movie theatre, and everywhere you look. There is also something bigger, more intricate, more amazing, and more philosophical, something that makes us human. It’s our greatest nature as humans. Here, I’ll explain it to you and maybe you’ll understand why I’m so interested in it...

Dreaming is not only for night time. I think taking part in life means to create your own dream, the one where your life is a dream. There are two aspects in life, well, in the dream side. The first component is the fact that life gives you inspiration. For example, doing an exercise in a self help video on YouTube makes you wonder about this world, the possibility of something bigger. Other examples are cultures, languages, humour, something that conveys a spark from other otherwise a small thing that leads to an intricate bigger picture. The other component is something like a circus, a dance, any activity that can be done once but can be studied to add greater value to your life. Something could be considered from either component depending on how you look at it but the point there is something below the surface. Each thing in the universe could be considered the same way. You are the same way. You are part of something bigger to offer and you have a lot of little things deep inside of you can grow from. If you look at the world around from that dreamer way of seeing things, you become like me, a dreamer and your life becomes a dream. Finally, when you practice seeing life as a dream, you see a complimentary side that isn’t as fundamental; you see the beauty in everything, even the little things. Some things are even mystical because their fascination is inclined even though there doesn’t seem to have a concrete reason. You might become a fanatic of the dreamy themed things in life by pleasure like me.

Things to do and buy to keep a keepsake of it inside of you:

First of all, there are things you could do to bring closer to that feeling of something bigger than you and me and expand your horizons. You could watch documentaries, ask about the culture of one of your friends, going to a festival of something that interests you, go to a market or a restaurant to try a new food, learn psychology, learn philosophy, give inspiring speeches, help other people, care about the environment, volunteer or raise money for a cause, learn a new language, go to a play, to see a humorist show, talk to a stranger, start a YouTube channel, self help videos, and so much more.

Secondly, there are things you could to bring a sense of purpose, something you have to work at. You could try a new hobby or try your hand at a new skill. You could expand your own repertoire at an instrument you already know how to play or do something similar with a different skill. Whether you choose sewing, poetry, skateboarding, photography, soccer or something completely different, you will learn a lot about the skill and yourself. You could work in an area that impassions you as a job too. More importantly, it will be a chance to push yourself and seek the dreamer inside of you.

There are things like the sun on your face through the window, the wind in your hair when you ride with your friends, your horoscope that says something perky, the best talk with your boyfriend, a homemade smoothie, the music blasting on a Friday night, your sister’s laugh, a walk outside in spring, a funny video, and more that come every day, that bring so much joy. You couldn’t live without those things.

There are mystical things that make you wonder that you can’t help but say I like that. Turning around till you’re dizzy, dancing in the rain, sunflower picking, collecting crystals, clothes just out of the dryer, gum, and more.

There are things in pop culture and random you just might want. Sometimes, you want to indulge and just because of the theme. You may want to buy the souvenirs at Disneyland, coloured lights for your room, some gel pens, pins, holographic, notebooks, etc.

Sweet dreaming.

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