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Dream It. Do It. Achieve It.

A Story to Inspire

One may achieve everything in their life yet not be happy, and one could just struggle to follow and live his/her dream and attain pure, sheer happiness. That is the sweet taste of struggle for following one’s dreams. In this world, we might just be able to count the number of people but not the number of dreams we see: “infinity.”

Dream are beyond worldly discrimination—above status, color, caste. It just visits you, regardless, in the silence and peaceful hours of your life. 

There is no restriction imposed on an individual to see a dream. Dream can be for family. Dream can be for friends. Dream can be for love. Dream can be for the needy. Dream can be for himself. Dream can be seen by someone, for someone. No matter what. No one has restrictions to visualize a dream; then why do we restrict ourselves to work to achieve them? Why do we not go an extra mile to make our dreams live and real? Why do we regret having not achieved those dreams, buried deep in our hearts?

This is a story of a young boy, born and brought up in a well-to-do family. He was the youngest in the family. Always loved and pampered by his family, he would see his every single, little wish come to life. On each of his birthdays, he always had one common, simple conversation with his father:

Dad: "What do you want as a present for your birthday?"

Son: "I want a remote-control car."

Dad: "What do you dream to become in your life?"

Son: "Car racer. Will I be able to achieve it one day?"

Dad: "If you dream it, you will do it. And if you do it, you will achieve it."

Father said, “Son, dreams are very delicate thoughts. Parents need to take utmost care to ensure that their children dreams are fulfilled. The process of achieving one’s own dream starts at that very moment when the seeds of thought are sown. It is a parent’s duty to nurture it and make their children capable of achieving their dreams. My answer was same because it is your dream and I can only make you capable of working towards to it to turn it into reality. I can be your guide. I can be your mentor. But in the end, you will have to work to achieve it."

Son: "But how did you nurture my dreams for me by just four words?"

Father: "Those four words are magical. When I said, 'If you dream it,' it made you think that you need to dream first—start off your story and first stage for every achievement. Second, 'you will do it.' This was to grow confidence in you that you can do it. Many dreams get shattered due to lack of confidence in ourselves. Third line is the most important one: 'If you do it' — the process of converting your dream into reality. No matter how determined you are with your dreams, no matter how confident you are, until and unless you do it, you will not achieve it. Many fail or drop out during this stage. They believe dreams are achieved by thinking about it. It is not true. It is achieved by putting necessary efforts into it."

Son: "What about the fourth line, 'You will achieve it?'"

Father: "It is the outcome of the third line."

Son hugged his father.

We all pass through a stage when we work to make someone else’s dreams come true. It is on us to either accept that and go on or to believe in ourselves and work harder to achieve our own DREAMS!

"If you don’t build your dreams, someone will hire you to build theirs"—Tony Gaskins.
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Dream It. Do It. Achieve It.
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