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Do These Things When You're Feelin' Down

And don't expect to see yoga or healthier eating on here.

Whether you're not feelin’ yourself, the day, your significant other (no judgement), your job, or maybe you’re just irked by literally anything and everything, there are so many things you could do to feel good in your own company. It's fine to say fuck it and seclude yourself once in a while! Especially if your surroundings are causing you to become negative and rob you of a good day. Through experience and the advice of others, I’ve gathered some of the absolute best activities you could do to feel a little bit better. And no, going to the gym is not on here.

1. Wash your bedding, clean your room, take a shower, and lay in bed with a really good movie.

This is so relaxing. When you aren't feelin' ANYTHING, you could at least make yourself comfortable. And the absolute best feeling is clean bedding against a fresh body that smells amazing. Plus, a good movie (maybe refer to my last article for some ideas), is the cute lil’ cherry on top.

2. Paint or go make something artsy.

Go to Hobby Lobby or A.C. Moore and get some craft stuff. Make a mosaic, make a gnome home, or when in doubt, go down the kids' aisle and pick up one of their pre-made craft kits for $12.99!!! They have sand art, tie-dye shirt kits, sun catcher making, a robot making kit, and so much more. You might find a niche for something you actually really enjoy doing. Or! You know those wine and paint places? GO THERE. Buy yourself a seat, buy a cheap bottle of wine, and go paint in a class! This one I've actually done myself and honestly, it's awesome. I went and sat by myself, mingled with a few people who were so amazed that I went out alone, and I created a beautiful painting that I made all by myself. Which leads me to my next recommendation...

3. Take your ass out on a date.

I don't care if you're in a relationship or you're single. Take yourself out. If you're over everyone's bullshit and just can't take it anymore, go buy a movie ticket or go to the park or go buy some ice cream or go buy yourself everything at the mall!!! I don't care!!! Go make yourself feel good 'cause you are all you have sis!!! If you can't take anyone's company anymore, make yourself your best friend. TREAT YO SELF.

4. Smoke a fat ass blunt.

Self-explanatory. Or eat some edibles and go to sleep.

5. Go to the beach.

This one might not apply to everyone if you aren’t in close proximity to a beach. For me, I live in Jersey, so the shore is very close, and when I’m having a shitty day/days, I take a drive down the shore. I’ll go on the beach and sit in the sand and stare at the ocean. This is better to do in the warmer weather, but even when it’s cold out, the beach is still open! It’s also quiet (no people, thank ya Jesus). If you aren’t so fortunate to live near an actual beach, maybe you live close to a lake area or even a park. Same effect! I guess what I’m saying, is go sit in nature. Take in the fresh air and experience life around you all by yourself. It’s so pretty and you can appreciate it so much when you’re in a peaceful environment.

6. Go to Target.

When in doubt, go to Target. No one ever actually NEEDS anything from Target, but still, you go there and leave spending a minimum of $70. Go smell the candles, browse the shoes, look at the pajamas, walk around the home furnishings and decor (my favorite section), and if your Target has it, go get a Starbucks coffee. Just walk the aisles and as the minutes pass you’ll start feeling better. This place has magical powers that just make a person feel restored after you leave, ya know what I mean?

Taking a bath with a Lush bath bomb after a long yoga session doesn't work for everyone. Especially when you want a quick fix. If you're looking for long-term comfort, then, by all means, that method may work for you. But if you're like me and have a few crappy days in a row where you say "Fuck you, fuck that, fuck this" to everything, these tips may really help you out and make you feel a little better. Also, enjoying your own company is so important. It's OK to not be around people for a little bit. If you’re not feelin’ anything around you and it feels like nothing is really serving you any purpose, always start with YOU and watch as it all gets better and things just start improving.

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Do These Things When You're Feelin' Down
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