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Mistakes and Memories

Life is always throwing curveballs right to our faces and we stand there stunned as they hit us right between the eyes. Sometimes we can't do anything about life situations because let's face it: shit happens. For instance, you get laid off a job you have been working for five years. Your team didn't win the championship by a three-point touchdown. You end up bombing a major test that was 20 percent odd your grade because you didn't study two weeks before. You might have ended up losing a friend from losing trust or not having your back when you needed them the most. You probably had to grow up faster than the other kids just to support your family. Maybe you missed your bus again for the third time this week because you kept hitting snooze on your alarm. 

Life is just a big mystery. We don't know what is going to happen in the future so we can prevent our mistakes. Mistakes are what makes us learn though. We live and we learn. Mistakes are meant to be made for the sole purpose of growing from it. Without them, how are we supposed to know right from wrong? For example, if you know you are not allowed to go to a certain party because it is a wrong crowd to be hanging out with, would you still go? If you were told to go steal from a liquor store because it was cool to do so, would you? We are taught when we are young that it is bad to steal, to kill, to be mean to others, and other common sense nonsense that we shouldn't be doing. It is not hard to say no to a lot of things. Saying no to drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling is not a crime! (Not judging anyone by the way.) 

However, sometimes life can just go smooth as butter. Everything can be just as perfect as if you were in a dream. Sitting by the lake under a big tree just watching the ducks swim and seeing the children having fun is what I call a peaceful moment. When I was little I used to love going to the beach all day and when night came around just sit on the sand and watch the waves roll in while the wind brushed my hair. That was my safe haven. Sitting there helped me escape whatever was troubling me for awhile, like nothing even mattered at that moment. Another time was when I would lay down with my mom and she would rub my back and run her fingers through my hair until I fell asleep. Knowing that she was there just gave me comfort. 

If only we can hold onto happy moments just a little longer instead of replaying the memories in your head like a broken record. I believe that only hurts our soul more than it helps it. You are holding onto the good times, but honestly what does that do for you? If it hurts your heart, let it go and create new ones. I'm not saying give up all hope and happiness, just whatever is hurting you. We can't give up our hope though everytime something goes bad. Don't run away from your problems or mistakes. Own up to it, accept it, fix it if possible, and move on. Life is way too precious to hide in your darkness. Once you let go and learn to accept what life throws at you, you will be happier. Hey! Who knows, it may make one heck of a story someday!

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