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Creating My Own Seat at My Own Table

How to Guide: Creating Your Own Path

Creating my own seat at my own table with a smile in my heart and my eyes on the prize.

How to Guide: Creating Your Own Path

There are so many rules to follow. There are so many policy and procedures known and unknown to follow. When you've done everything they told you to do. When you sacrificed more than you'd like to admit. You begin to ask yourself, "Why did I even start?" Your dreams are valuable. Your goals are worth it. You will make it!! But let's begin to think in a different way. Let's begin to change those no's or maybe's to yes's. How? Create your own seat at your own table and let them come to you. Here's a guide on how to start.

1. Understand your worth.

You have something to bring to the table. Whether you're working in a group setting or on individualized work. Your voice means something your voice has weight. Why not exercise it? Reassess yourself and understand your worth. Begin to remove all negativity away from you. Negativity can damper the path you are set to take by causing you to doubt your own work. This process may be hard for some simply because you're taking a deeper look at yourself. Be vulnerable, be honest and find a safe haven where you feel comfortable.

2. Create a plan.

Write the vision and make it plain. We have so many things going on in our life. Whether it's household needs, kids, are significant others or politics. Our minds can become clouded. Take a moment and write down a plan. The goal here is to look two to three months ahead. Write down things you want to accomplish, things you want to start (or end, #nojudgement) and things you've already accomplished. This can be for a business venture or simply managing your personal life. Ensure that this plan is 80/20. 80 percent of the plan should be realistic goals while 20 percent of the plan should be unrealistic goals. Set 10 goals as the maximum to work on. The key is to not overload yourself but to give you enough to work on and feel accomplished once it's completed.

3. Baby Steps

Don't rush the process. Great things take time. Take the time to work on your portfolio. If you rush the process, you'll miss key elements or it won't be presented in a way that shows the best version of yourself. Reach out and build your own team. For example, if you are a Fashion Stylist looking to branch your brand, build a team with a photographer, a makeup artist, a hair stylist and an editor. Together you can perfect the goal while promoting individual growth.

4. Exercise self care.

Nobody wants to sit at the table with someone who doesn't present themselves in the best light. Always take time to take care of yourself. Eat heart healthy meals. Exercise at least three times a week for no less than 30 minutes. Exercising is not just about weight loss or toning the body. It helps with mental stimulation, better sleeping habits, reduces stress and it's a great networking tool. Ensure that you are getting enough rest. You can sleep for 8 hours, wake up and still feel tired. Allow your mind to be at ease. Schedule play dates with a good friend, get a mani/pedi, turn off electronics for an hour or even take a walk by the river. Relax, breathe and decompress.

5. Network

Everyone has a role. Everyone has a job to do. You may be the best ophthalmologist in your area but suck at DIY home projects. Network with those around you who are strong in their field. Together you can both grow individually. The most frustrating thing in the world is to do everything by yourself. The goal to creating your own seat at your own table is to use wisdom. Network with someone in a similar field as yourself. An ant farm consists of over a hundred ants. Together they build and store up for the nest for their individual survival. Let's use this mindset for networking.

6. Organic Growth

Things take time. Flowers just don't just bloom out of nowhere in the springtime. It takes three other seasons for them to be fertilized and nourished for them to start blossoming in the Spring. To everything there is a season. Our individual growth in business or personally, it takes time to build and develop. Enjoy the process! But with following the steps above organic growth will happen.

7. Repeat!

Once the two or three month timeframe arises, reassess. See where things are. Were you able to accomplish the goal set? Did you take on more than you can chew? Did you allow yourself to ease into the process? What can be reconfigured for the next two to three months? What goals are completed and what is the next step? Once these elements have been figured out go back to step number one. See your worth within the last two to three months view the development as progress and continue or restart a plan.

Let's boss up together. I can't wait to see your growth.

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Creating My Own Seat at My Own Table
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