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Crack the </Code> for... Confidence

How to Feel Comfortable In Your Own Skin

Nearly everyone wishes they were more confident at some point in their life. In this age of constant social media, it is more difficult than ever to be confident 24/7. With the abundance of haters and trolls on the internet it can be nerve-racking to post a selfie without making the "right" face or without editing it so much that you are nearly unrecognizable. That is not true happiness or confidence, that is attempting to change to the mold you think will make you perfect. Guess what? You are already made perfectly the only thing you have to do is embrace it instead of changing it.

With the help of a few simple tricks, you will be strutting your stuff in no time.

Fake It 'Til You Make It

If you pretend you are confident you will actually grow to be more confident. It takes some practice but is worth it in the end. The more times you pretend the better you will get at understanding and feeling confident. After a while, you wont have to fake it. You will feel confident just because you practiced.

#nomakeup #nofilter

Take these hashtags and turn them into mantras. As you start to take no makeup selfies, you will grow more accustomed to seeing your face in its natural state and learn to love it more each day. Mantras are super useful in staying motivated and focused.

Here's a list of my favorite mantras:

  1. I don't have to do everything and I don't have all to do it now.
  2. One day at a time.
  3. T.I.M.E. - Things I Must Earn
  4. You are ENOUGH.
  5. First things first.

Wear What You Feel Awesome In

Always wear things you feel comfortable in. It does not matter whether it is sweatpants, a t-shirt, a skirt, jeans, or a lacy dress, stay true to you. If you are physically uncomfortable there is no way you will come off confident. When wearing comfortable or familiar clothes you will be more in tune with your inner self. Finally being truly you can be freeing and make you feel at home with yourself. The next step is you will be confident in who you really are and not in what some magazine tells you. This is the way to be fully confident in every area of you.

Take Care of Your Health

When you feel good physically, your mind will follow. If you are sick or in pain you won't feel well physically and mentally. Under these circumstances if you take care of yourself, go to the doctor, eat healthy, exercise, and sleep well you will feel better and portray who you really are. These changes in routine will help you to create a better baseline self-image. Your new view of yourself will feed your confidence. Not to mention all the health benefits.

Most Importantly... RELAX

If you are acting calm you are more approachable. Do activities you enjoy like riding a bike, taking a bath, or getting your hair or nails done. any activity you enjoy and bring peace to your life. These will make you more comfortable with yourself, and once you are comfortable with yourself you will exude confidence.

I can't wait to see you all strutting your stuff!

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Crack the </Code> for... Confidence
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