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Our Minds Deceive Us

The many situations I have been in or observed. Those that I love have suffered from illnesses, death, alcoholism, drug abuse, lies told to cover up embarrassment, betraying relationships, verbal/ physical/sexual abuses, abandonment, and expectations destroyed. Seeing loved ones with fears of being rejected, pushed away, and told to keep quiet. This was thought to save someone else from not knowing your pain or cause someone else pain.

The lies of believing that my voice isn’t worth hearing have been removed. The games of others that like control have been removed. The opinions of who am I to speak like this have been removed. Those stories we may tell ourselves that it will take too long to get to your dream are removed. That took years of practice. Released, all of it! These situations don’t control me. It was the fire needed to move me to take action. I watched other strong people move through these situations and more to become powerhouses they are today. You can get through any situation too. It takes knowing you are abundant, ample, sufficient. What you say is worth speaking out. Have your words bring life and meaning to you and others around you. Speak direct and boldly. Also, speak with love and compassion; that balance I spoke of earlier.

I can now stand firm to believe, I am still complete through all of these and then some. I have yet to see all the unlimited energy I really possess. I know it will come beyond any skepticism that is had around me. Though there are trying days, this chick isn’t giving up on this journey.

In the moment, everything is released. What do I mean? All my intentions or concentrations are in this daily moment journey. In this place is who I am. If you struggle with any lost oomph or energy, I encourage you to find your inner selves.

I am not a victim of circumstances! I am just made stronger by them all. There are people that have been through worse and still turn their life around too. I am sure they didn’t plan for their life the way it unfolded. To take something and turn it around for awareness, foundations, and helping others to prevent such atrocities is what this world needs now more than ever.

You are complete in the totality of you. You don’t need another to complete you. If you have another, I hope they complement and even challenge you to keep becoming better. You alone have the power to search within. Life has a way of bringing this to your attention until you do love your completeness. Do I still get scared? Yes! I am not going to lie. I work to push myself through it with as many uplifting ideas I can.

Being an optimist doesn’t exclude you from being a realist. Keep your eyes wide open experiencing the moment. Be smart about the way that you approach opportunities.

You learn and hone in on skillsets early on and throughout your life. The things you enjoy doing in your strengths make the opportunities within your daily walk on this earth. That is for you to experience and yes, it is there. Experience what you can, learn what you can, and share what you can. Experience your life through your senses, therefore you have them.

I simply awakened. You can too. It’s an expedition worth every twist and turns. Everything is already within me. Just as what you need, is already within you. Though, I could say that with a snap of the fingers and an attitude hip to the side. It’s ok to have confidence with a little bit of humbleness. I was put into existence to speak for myself. Not just like other positivity speakers and self-help experts, as me. This took a long time for me to realize. Once I leaped into the trust in the fullness of who I am, things just seemed to always work out.

Everything leads to a completion stage of existence. What’s your purpose or your greatness? Yes, you have one now quit that thinking you don’t, flow it out to the world. Everything you ever need is already within you ready to reveal itself. No need to search outside of YOU.

The only really limiting thing about us is our bodies that do die. Luckily, we are not just our bodies. There is energy that we are made of. The cosmos is in us, so why not shine on? Energy seems to die into nothing, even in space nothing is still something. We just cannot see it. Energy transforms. It’s all around us this information, knowledge, and gut instinct.

The other limitations are what we put on ourselves with labels, judgments, our self-talk, and well…..our own thinking. If you say to yourself something that blocks you or that every day that you will be rich may or may not occur. Without intent set daily, the limiting part of us may take over from time to time. The ideas of setting sights to unlimitedness to set the tone for your day, there is no telling what you will do. It’s possible that future generations will be listening to old stories of something you contributed one day.

Remember when you face people, situations, and feelings that expectations are broken, not necessarily your heart. Your heart still beats, you breathe, and you live.

Emotions change, like that of the direction of the wind. Just as the wind blows and you may not know which direction it comes. Thoughts and emotions, if not recognized, can come from many a direction; past, future, and do in the moment. Recognize that so it does for everyone else too. Let the emotions come and go, no need to grab on and over analyze. Let them pass like clouds in the wind.

Get your mind out of the way. It is the reason for all of the problems in this life. You do not need to know all the answers in life. Yes, learn. Don’t let thoughts control you. So, instead of your mind being your worst enemy, it can be your best friend once in alignment with your true self. Even in the negative thoughts, you can learn to shift into how can I make this into an opportunity for my betterment.

For my renewal, positioning, and calmly remembering the moment are important. You perfectly present. I’ve taken many lunch breaks, me time, to learn this. Keep doing your beautiful thing. Your stories do matter. It matters to some who are stuck in the mundane or lack of inspiration. There are those that go about their daily activities and something just sparks in the right direction and your life explodes with awesomeness.

Your living life right now, yes, it is too valuable to be lived like those you envy. Drop the envy and greed. Love the complete you from inside out. Celebrate successes in yourself and in others.

Making decisions is a vital part of life. Everyone must make their own decisions numerous times throughout life. What you choose to value is uniquely up to you and only you. Whether they are easy or hard decisions to make, decision-making skills will ease the process. Decisions are influenced by your personal values. Just as there are decisions I’d rather not even state, dealing with hateful, greedy ways.

In turn, values are influenced by family, peers, past experiences, society, and others around you. It’s important for you not to forget that your values reflect your character and they are all your choice!

Know whatever decision you make, you still breathe. Your lungs work even when you don’t tell it to. Your heart beats even when you don’t tell it to. Things happen to you and around you, without you doing anything. Whether you choose to be real with yourself, lost, or hooked in the matrix, is still up to you. Though we are individuals and work independently, we are still connected and dependent on each other. I’ve seen the effects of being with sad and depressed people, as well as the upbeat and positive people. You might be with the wrong group, misery might love company. Not saying there won’t be a positive person that still holds out their hand to someone down. They do exist.

Nothing truly belongs to you in this world. You do not own the trees, rivers, or another being. You are only you!

Just as the wind can move while you are still, energy will continue. You are a part of the drop of water in the ocean of life. Look not at circumstances; they do not make you who you are. You are indefinable! If you start to define, you lose who you truly are. Shine on you great ones! Love even when it’s hard to. It’s when someone else might need it the most.

There is no time like the present. Even if it seems everything is not right. Realize that the balance comes, without you having to even do anything about it. You go within yourself and you will see. Live your life as it’s being given to you.