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An Enlightened Perspective

Photo Credit:  Ever Amador

Back in 2011 I was in a dark place. I had just returned to Japan. Earlier that year in March I had been in Fukushima and ten kilometers away from the power plant when it had malfunctioned causing mass hysteria on a world level and more importantly on everyone's minds.

The fact of the matter is that we are creatures of habit. Through personal experience I have found that by changing up something as simple as a daily routine, I could then dramatically transform my own life. In 2011, I had the habit of complaining. I would call up my parents halfway around the world and fill them in on the current events. My subconsciousness craved being able to spill out my woes to them. In simpler terms I liked when they felt bad for me. I would basically explain how things were negative in that moment as if they could actually be my dump bucket or resolve my current situation. Instead, what this turned out to be was me bringing them as well as myself down to a lower level of consciousness. We would both hang up the phone and feel worse than we did before or I would feel temporarily satisfied in an unsatisfied way. It was not a good feeling and it did not help anything.

When I returned to the US in late 2013 I was battered and lost and in a generally low state. It was then that I discovered the teachings of One World Academy. In different courses facilitated by the organization, I was led into these deep processes where I was able to look deeper into myself and through them, I was able to realize what I was doing to my parents during that time. I found that I was manifesting negative events and circumstances around me because of the habitual negative practices that I had been implementing in my life up to that point.

It's important to step back at this point and realize that this reaction  I had was quite a natural reaction. Therefore, I was able to develop full compassion for myself and for these past practices. When we are young we do depend on our motherly and fatherly leaders to fall back on. About a month ago I had the privilege and honor to help teach second graders as part of a summer school program called Summer Advantage. I was the fatherly figure for the kids at that time I realized. I have no doubt that they believed that I could part the seas if I had wanted to. It was in that instant that I realized where my "habitual practice" in Japan had come from. Although I was in Japan and half a world away, I still subconsciously believed that my parents could somehow solve my situation. They could cure my nuclear woes and worries. However, eventually I became aware of what I was doing and I realized it was a habit I had developed. For the next months and even years when negative events came up in my life, I did have the urge to pick up the telephone and revisit my past program, but gradually more and more I was able to see the habitual pattern of it all and now something has changed.

The main reason I refer back to this brief glimpse into my life is not for others to feel sympathy, you can insert a laugh there if you would like, that would be a regression to a past pattern. Instead, I'd like to speak a word about social media. I think subconsciously we are looking to social media in that same habitual way. We're constantly posting our woes about the world on the public forum yearning for a healthy debate. While unconsciously I believe we're looking for a comforting pat on the head from the proverbial fatherly or motherly figure. We're yearning for that voice from the heavens to shout out through our computers, "That's alright, yes global destruction and wildfires are running rampant around the globe and so I'll wave my wand and solve it for you." We're stuck in subconscious programming!

What we can do instead is practice gratitude and also admit when we are in a lack of gratitude. We can be more silent before anything gets posted and also pause before making comments. At the same time, we must have compassion when we do slip up and go to past patterns as everyone rolls along their own course. We must see that this habitual practice of ours is causing negative events to flood into the world. Perhaps this isn't the reason in the end that it's happening, but how do you feel?

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