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Climb Your Mountain

Find the adventurer within you.

Southern Appalachian Mountain-- Mountain City, GA 

Dear Daydreamer, 

Every day comes with its share of adventures and experiences no matter how simple or extravagant they may be. Every day spent collecting memories brings about adventures of their own, many of which will forever be embedded deep in the heart, splashed with the scent of euphoria, and wrapped in the vibrancy of exhilaration.

I pray that every encounter you come across, whether through those you meet or through the adventures you seek, may you see more of what life has in store for you and radiate the light you receive. Climb the mountain you daydream about day in and day out. And when you finally get to the top, don't block the sunlight that others need to make their way there too. Enhance it.

I pray that as you complete the many things you wish to do in your lifetime, may they not only be another checked box on the bucket-list you've been writing and guarding over the years. But when you do finally check that box, may the stories not be another mere shallow record you tell at the end of the day, but rather experiences that bring you an infinite amount of joy, happiness, and fulfillment — experiences that can be retold throughout generations without ever losing its flavor.

I pray that you, Daydreamer, never stall the need to keep searching for new discoveries, never stop making new friendships and new memories, and never have to look back and say "What if?" Savor every minute of what we call life no matter how trivial it may be. Live in the moment. You never know if you'll be able to relive it.

Many of us are content with routine. It's comfortable, easy, known. It's our safe-haven, our security, our convenience. The reality is this: the familiarity of our day-to-day can only expand our horizons so much. The couch that you're sitting on can only teach you so much. Life is a roller coaster, full of highs and lows. Why not make it the ride more enjoyable? Ride your Goliath with your hands in the air. Dare to live. 

My challenge for you today is simple. Put the device that you're using to read this down and go chase your mountain. And while you reflect on the hike you take, write it down. Reminisce. Find the notebook you've hidden in your closet, under your bed, or in the midst of the clutter, and fill the pages with your story, your life. Register all the memories you wish to keep forever because in the words of Louisa May Alcott you must, "preserve your memories [and] keep them well. What you forget you can never retell." Getting to the top won't be easy; the path isn't always clear. Good thing we were never promised easy, but rather possible.

So go climb your mountain. See how far you go. Live freely, happily, and fully.