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Change and Growth

How Your Life Can Change in Just a Matter of a Month

After all these hard changes I still make sure to smile 

Change is one of the hardest things that I’ve dealt with and that’s because I like things the way they are and I get comfortable with where I am in life. However, you lose friends, you go through changes with school, family, and friends, and I’ve learned too much about that these past few months. Going to school full time can be a good time because you made it this far and you begin to grow and put yourself out there. However, no one said that it was going to be easy and I learned that the hard way. Going through a lot of changes with myself mentally and physically, I realized that school was not for me at the moment. What was important was that I get myself to a place where I am happy. I lost a lot of friends in the process and lost my family; however, I did learn who was there for me because they really cared for my well being. Living independently seemed to be an amazing thing because I could make decisions for myself however, it wasn’t easy and I didn’t expect it to be. I had to motivate myself to look for jobs, to put myself in a good place with good people surrounding me. However, those past few months were hard. All that time that I was going from place to place because I thought being in my own home was too toxic really made me a stronger person; however, I realized that being on your own comes with a lot of responsibility. Money is a huge factor because I had to learn to save up if I wanted to get an apartment or a car or something to treat myself every once in awhile. After searching for jobs, I had found one that I loved so much and a place where I can go to get my mind off of things and help other people and make new relationships. I was slowly finding myself again and knew that these changes were going to be a good thing. Sometimes you have to realize that you need time to work on yourself and figure it all out. It’s okay to not know what you want in love and be frustrated because eventually you will figure it out. I believe that if I did it then anyone is capable of making better changes to benefit their lives. It’s okay to speak up and ask for help; it’s okay to not be okay. Life is one big change and you have to surround yourself with people that will motivate you and care about all the things you are doing in life. I never thought not going to school was a horrible idea and I was afraid I wasn’t going to succeed but I put myself out there and worked hard to get where I am now. I have faith in everyone that they can do it too. Everyone will face problems and situations that will knock them down however, you just have to get right back up and not give up.

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Change and Growth
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